Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chelsea Handler

April 24

-organic apple juice box

Yes, I went through the Starbucks drive-thru for apple juice. Hey, it was well worth it. Especially because it was organic! Go Starbucks.

-half a serving of fries w/ ketchup

That was all that the venue had to offer without meat and I had to eat if I was going to drink lol. I was scared to eat because I woke up with a really weird feeling/pressure in my stomach, which had gone away, but I didn't want to chance it coming back and having to leave because...

I went to see Chelsea Handler do stand up! I've been wanting to see her for awhile now. Woo. It was really inappropriate to take my Mom to LOL, but nothing we don't already talk about, so whatever. My Mom's cool.

Crappy pics....

Brad Wollack, the opener. You may recognize him from her tv show round table

-vodka soda with a splash of cranberry & 2 limes
-about 3/4 of a frozen margarita (my Mom's, hey she wasn't drinking was kind of gross, but y'know...booze and shows just go together)

-black bean and rice burrito with a little bit of (too salty) guac
-spanish rice

Taco Bueno at midnight. Great idea. I don't feel particularly amazing. Ugh, fast food. Even plain beans, rice, and tortilla still have processed crack in them obviously, or I wouldn't feel so terrible. *pout*

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  1. I think Chelsea Handler is a riot.
    That burrito wrap looks yummy.