Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bare Minerals

April 9

-1 bite of a luna protein chocolate chip cookie dough bar

looks good

It tasted OK at best. Kind of like a powerbar covered in a chocolate shell. It has whey protein powder (aka dairy) in it, so since I wasn't a huge fan I gave the rest to my Dad. I just wanted to try it anyway. Now I know.

-leftover red snapper
-cous cous pasta salad
-leftover zero cal vitamin water

Still huuuungry.

-tazo citron hot tea

-large green tea bubble tea (just tea, no milk or anything)

Went to the mall to make a few returns and buy this...

Do any of you wear this? What do you think of it?

At first the sale assistant was just going to have me buy the mineral makeup and brush to put it on with. She didn't even suggest this kit. Good thing I knew it existed. I would not have been pleased to spend $47 on 2 things when I got all this for $60 (including 2 pots of the mineral makeup and same brush + 2 other brushes, setting powder, primer, & bronzer/blush). The makeup is in smaller sizes, but not so small that it's not worth it to get all that stuff! C'mon, Sephora!

-glass of pinot grigio
-the half size field greens salad (mixed greens, candied walnuts, pears, dijon vinegairette. MMMM)
-cup of split pea soup with barley and green onion (I wanted the white bean minestrone, but it has parmesan in it, boo)

I ate every last drop and was still hungry. WTF?

After waiting in the longest line at Walmart....

all those people were in lines...for every register. at 9 or 10 pm on a Friday. What was up with that?

-half a bag (about a serving and a half) of salsa flavored brown rice chips

Still hungry. ?????

-a few hazelnut crackers with leftover spinach and artichoke bean dip

I THOUGHT I was still hungry...

-half of a vegan boca burger with soy cheese, spinach, pickles, kumato, and mustard
-mango limeaide juice mixed with sparkling water

Once this actually cooked I realized I was finally full. Of course. I ate it anyway, but saved the other half. :-x

L-O-O-O-O-N-G day.



  1. Hey Mandi - Try for mineral foundation. That's what I've used for like 3 years now and they are just as good and WAY cheaper then Bare Minerals. I think the full size foundations are like $12, and they last several months. Even better, if you go to their site you can order free samples of colors, so you can find your perfect skin match before you purchase full sizes. As for Kabuki brushes for application.. I've heard that Everday Minerals long handled brush is good, but it applies a more full coverage application. A traditional kabuki brush with a short handle will give you light to full coverage depending on how much you want to apply. I use Too Faced kabuki brush, but Sigma Makeup just came out with a cheaper version of the exact same kabuki brush so.. you could check that out too. I don't have that particular brush, but I have a lot of brushes from Sigma and they are really good quality. I'm going to be doing a YouTube review on soon, because they are really a good company.

  2. Ooh, thanks for the info. Once I run out of the bare minerals I will definitely give them a try. Actually, I might as well request samples now!

    I've been using a mineral powder for awhile (some drugstore one), but I've only used it as a setting powder for a tinted moisturizer-type foundation (a little more color than that, but less heavy than actual foundation). I don't like heavy coverage, but I worried that I would find the mineral foundation to be too light, but I asked my Dad what he thought and he said he couldn't remember what my old makeup looked like (not that I expected him to lol), but that I looked softer, so I guess that's good LOL.

    I'll probably try to stick with the bare minerals brushes at least for now since I already paid for them, but I'll make myself a note about the brushes you suggested too in case they don't work out as good.

    But yeah thanks again so much. For most makeup (eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, etc.) I usually only go for higher ends brands since I like the colors more and they tend to be more pigmented, but with foundation I'm pretty cheap (my old brand was the Boots brand from target for about $10-12), so this sounds perfect!