Friday, April 30, 2010

Well Hello There, Gorgeous

They may be the first, but they will most certainly not be the last.

25 may not be so bad after all.


Pick Two

April 29

-side salad (organic greens with granny smith apple slices and balsamic)
-side of fruit
-iced tea

Not quite sure how that constituted a meal ( was supposed to. It was from the pick 2 combo. Um, you'd think it'd be double what they gave, of the salad at least, but alas...)

-caramel nut brownie luna bar


-handful of mixed nuts
-whole wheat roll
-side of broccoli
-side of cabbage
-cajun spiced tilapia

-1/2 of a rice dream chocolate pie ice cream sandwich

Outfit of the Day:

excuse the stupid face, LOL

I never found "THE" Cynthia Vincent wedges, but these are a good replacement. Kind of ugly, but in a cute way? And at least not everyone in the world has these? Yeah, I'll keep telling myself that. They are super comfy!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tea Set

April 28

-half a can of tuna with vegenaise, dill relish, organic mixed greens, and a hint of salt and pepper on a sandwich thin
-brown rice salsa chips
-small side salad with just organic mixed greens, black pepper, and organic italian dressing

-vanilla rooibos tea (served in our adorable new tea pot!)

-1 mini 3 musketeers, 1 dark chocolate almond hersheys bite

-2 shrimp tacos (I couldn't tell for sure, but they may have had a littttle cheese ugh, the menu didn't say they would)
-super small side salad (lettuce, tiny bit of tomato, 2-3 slices of avocado)
-2 bites of tilapia
-chips and salsa
-mambo taxi (basically a small frozen margarita with sangria poured on top)

I don't know why I bother with these kinds of pics lol. I mean really, Amanda...

After dinner the nite was terrible. As were the afternoon/evening the day before. Stupid full moon. My lungs hurt badly too, though I can't be sure if that could be attributed to asthma, stress, or both. I'm gonna go with both.



April 27

-avocado and tomato sandwich on wheat with lettuce, carmelized onion, mushroom, black olive, and mustard (so good!)
-original sun chips
-apple juice box

-half a cup of vanilla rooibos tea

-sweet & sour tofu and vegetables with brown rice (the sauce was no good)

-the rest of the coconut oil chocolate

My Lil Boy:


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


April 26

-the lil bit of leftover tofu panang curry
-4 mini vegan spring rolls dipped lightly in leftover peanut sauce

The panang curry doesn't have a little spicy icon next to it on the menu, yet the yellow curry does. I normally order the yellow and don't find it spicy at all, but this one was. Huh.

For being a frozen food, those spring rolls are really good. Granted, they are made by a company named Health Is Wealth, so they better be! :-P

-4 pita squares with artichoke hummus (it was ok, but major rip off...$10!)
-half of a veggie souvlaki with a little tzikiki (too oniony, but otherwise good)
-about half a serving of roasted potatoes (also quite good)
-glass of italian pinot grigio (delish)

my portion x 2

We tried a new (to us...we think. Neither my Mom or I can remember if we've been to their other location) Greek restaurant. I'd say it's a winner. Not as good as our favorite, but still good enough to make it into the rotation. And it's open mid-afternoon, so that's nice. Not that we're usually home at 3 on a Monday, but hey for times like these it's nice they don't close from 2:30-5 like the others.

-frozen grapes

-the other 1/2 of the carrot cake clif bar

-2 tsps of homemade coconut oil chocolate (I think I was slightly too heavy handed with the agave, but otherwise really good)

-the rest of my veggie souvlaki pita + the leftovers of my mom's greek side salad

The salad had a little feta in it (plus I ate the tzikiki knowing it was made with yogurt), but after accidentally having the first bite of feta I wasn't going to stop. Mmmm feta.

Stuffed. But not uncomfortable.

I also had a sip of (vanilla) rice milk for the first time. Walmart didn't have almond milk, ugh. I was so scared to try this for some reason haha, but it was pretty good. I still can't bring myself to try hemp milk. But this was better than I thought it would be.


Al Fresco

April 25

-1/2 of a carrot cake clif bar (not as good as the one last week, hmmm)


-35 minutes elliptical

-approx. 1 banana pancake with a few chocolate chips (not sure why they put the choco chips on top instead of inside, but...whatevs)
-a piece of pineapple and a few grapes
-about 1/4 of a large honey oat bran muffin
-2 cups of coffee

Dined al fresco. SUCH a nice day. *hearts*

-2 medium and 1 small piece of leftover cheeseless veggie pizza
-about 6 oz blueberry kombucha amazingness

-another 3/4 of a pancake
-leftover fruit
-another 1/4 of a honey oat bran muffin

Look what I found while cleaning my room....

LOL. No words.