Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wrong Breading

March 2

-tuna salad on 1 slice brown rice bread
-leftover roasted potatoes dipped in organic ketchup

-venti nonfat cauppuccino
-1 bite of banana bread

-sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes
-small baked chicken breast topped with pizza sauce & sprinkle of pesto + goat cheese

I made this for yesterday's lunch but forgot it. It still tasted pretty good.

-small orange

-vega bar

-oven baked catfish topped half w/ special sauce & half with honey mustard
-garlic rice
-lima beans
-most of a glass of pinot grigio

The catfish was supposed to be oven-"fried," but the breading didn't work out so well, because my Mom bought the wrong kind (wheat-based instead of corn). It still tasted alright. My Mom and brother loved it. I thought it was bland, but the sauce made it good.

-2 truffles
-another small orange


edited to add: I worked out on the cross ramp this day too. I believe it was for 30 minutes.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely comment you left me yesterday. It was really touching and thank you for taking the time to write that to me :) I think that as we age and grow more comfortable in our own skin, the need to justify & explain ourselves and our choices becomes less and less, BUT there's also an attitude adjustment where you just say, you know, this works for me and who cares what they think. Keep on the path my friend :)