Monday, March 29, 2010

Twin Bridges

March 26

-biscuit with white gravy (forgot 'til after the first bite it was made with dairy. Boo)

-small styrofoam cup of coffee

-like one tiny scoop of fruit cocktail (so much for the fresh fruit I assumed was part of the hotel's breakfast menu boasting "mixed fruit"...doh)

Yeah, the free hot breakfasts are pretty (read: very) shitty. Should have just gone out.

creepy doll in my grandma's building window LOL

For lunch my Mom, grandma, and I went to a nearby-ish town, Twin Bridges. It was about a 30-45 minute drive or so. Not much else to do there, but there's a decent restaurant and it's not like we had anything else to do lol. It was pretty veggie friendly, so that was good for me.

-1/2 of a small spinach wrap filled with veggies (tomatos, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, green peppers, etc)

-small portion of spicy french fries with a boatload of ketchup

-2 iced tea's

My stomach hurt badly after and I'm not sure why. It was a weird stomach feeling I don't know I've felt before. A lot of pressure? Strange. My Mom thought maybe it was altitude related? But we don't know.

-zevia gingerale

-piece of crystalized ginger

I'm as surprised as I assume you are that in this town of less than 4,000 people I found a zevia, but there is this little health store I always pick up my "weird" health foodie things at (xylitol gum, etc). I was shocked they had tons of gluten free items this time though. Nice! The very first time I went there I got this quinoa "granola" bar. Omg it was good. I haven't seen it since tho. Boo. But I did pick up another coconut bar for the plane ride home.

-garden burger with only half the bun + mustard, tomato, and lettuce

-half an order of fries

-potato "jo-jo's"

-a few vanilla-pomegranate cashews I picked up at the health store (thought these would be amazing, but they're kinda new fave food word, it seems lol)

UGH HORRIBLE experience. They have a restaurant here that I used to think was pretty cool. I may have even said it was my fave restaurant in town, but now I have a grudge. It was packed, so my Mom and I asked for our food to go at the bar. The waitress made it clear she had a problem with me from the start for NO REASON. I was nothing but polite to her. I asked for the garden burger with jo-jo's (basically like a mix between a potato skin with nothing on it and a really thick steak fry....they're not quite baked potatoes not quite fries..). Anyway, the burgers come with fries, homemade chips, or something like that, but I asked (VERY NICELY) to substitute jo-jo's for fries and the waitress said no. I was like it's OK I don't mind paying more and she's like "nope, we don't do that." My Mom was like, "just give her an extra side of jo-jo's then, we'll pay, we just want extra." And she still said no. What the hell? They'll only serve them with fried chicken (which my Mom got, so she we did get some at least, but that almost makes it more ridiculous). How does that make ANY sense? So then she tells us the wait is 20 min, which was cutting it close bc I wanted to be at the hotel to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, but that's not really their fault. So anyway, we wait, and then I (again, NICELY) ask for plasticware on our way out and she looks at us RUDELY, rolls her eyes at me, and says "we only have forks" in a voice like it was a HUGE inconvenience. Then she tries to run away and I'm like "& can I please have some ketchup for the fries?" And she looks at me like I have 3 heads and practically yells at me and says "well how many do you want?" and again rolls her eyes. I said I guess 3? I assumed they were just packets, but it turns out they use little plastic containers. Fine. So after she threw her mini tantrum she's like "we have to charge extra for that, 50 cents each." We'd already paid, but my Mom gave her $2 and then she gave us the 50 cents and ran away. No plastic forks in sight. We just got the hell out of there. I left in such a pissed off mood. I know I overact sometimes, but seriously what is the point of being rude? It's your JOB to serve me, you're a server. I have NOTHING against people in any job, I don't think I'm better than anyone, but don't act better than me. If you don't like serving then get a different job. Don't take it out on me. And if something is on a menu....SERVE it. Geeeez.

Sorry LONG paragraph lol.

By the way, the menu DOES say they charge extra for condiments, HOWEVER, had we eaten inside the ketchup and mustard bottles (and ranch dressing, actually) are already on the tables and you can use as much as you want, so I assumed it meant condiments behind the counter were extra. Maybe we were paying for the containers? But still. Theoretically, had I eaten inside I could have cleaned the place out of ketchup for free. It's just annoying.

And yes I know gardenburgers aren't vegan, but at least I'm not eating meat. Of course, it's the dairy that's going to (supposedly/hopefully) help me from feeling so crappy, so I'm still stuck there a little bit.

I'm eating way too many fries here.

-rice crackers



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