Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tikka Shrimp

Still sooooo behind. So sorry!

March 14

-42 min cross ramp

I forgot to mention yesterday that I went to this specialized running store to be fitted for shoes. I found out I overpronate, have flat feet, etc. That doesn't sound great lol. I thought this place was supposed to be amazing, but, well. I'm taking those suckers back. They hurt like a 8!+(! I don't know how I made it through 40+ agonizing minutes. I was undecided whether it was smart to push through the pain or stupid. Probably stupid.

I initially tried on the wide-version of the same shoe and thought it was way too loose while walking around, but apparently when I'm working out my feet swell like mothers, lol. While looking up the shoes online I found a pink and black version. YES, PLEASE. I know workout shoes aren't about looks, but if you can get your color then why not??? I also found them for $5 cheaper + no tax or shipping. Sign me up. I ordered those + some fancy inserts that were on sale + pink laces for the same price I paid just for the shoes. Oh yeah. I'm gonna feel a little embarrassed returning the shoes. Normally I'd just exchange them for the wide version, but...PINK. COME ON. I just don't want to be like "thanks for spending 20ish+ min right before closing on a Saturday trying to figure out my gait, stride, etc. and fitting me with the "perfect" shoe, but I found them for $5 cheaper and cuter somewhere else." ALTHOUGH, they did sort of trick me into buying some $10 socks (for ONE PAIR) that I don't even like anyway (they're lowcut, I like the crew kind), so I'd say we're even. Plus, the shoes obviously aren't a perfect fit anyway, so whatevs. I tried. I know it's not their fault that I have impossible to fit feet, but I still expected more out of a store that boasts about finding you the perfect running shoe. *shrug*

-a few bites of random muffins (maybe 1/2 a small muffin total? one of them was sooo good, tasted like a sticky angel food cake)
-1/2 of an egg white "enchilda" topped with queso
-1/2 of an egg white "enchilada" topped with salsa
-a small amt. of potatoes w/ ketchup
-2 bites of black beans
-2.5ish cups of (really good) coffee

I took all those pics with my iPhone, didn't they turn out great?

YAY, not only did we get my fave breakfast ever, we went juuuuuuuust (and I do mean JUST) early enough that there was no wait and the weather was nice out, so we got to sit at the last open table in the semi-enclosed patio. Perfection. I got full pretty easily, but hey, that just means more for tomorrow.

-tall pike place coffee

I wanted to try the blend to see if I wanted to buy a bag to take to the office. It's coffee. I'd drink it again, but I don't need my own bag. *shrug*

Got my nails done FINALLY. My cuticles were so bad and my nails were breaking. No bueno.

Love me some Alice in Wonderland polish :)

-tikka masala shrimp
-side salad w/ lemon juice & organic olive oil
-1 piece of tomato bread w/ brown rice bread, sliced tomato, crushed garlic, a few goat cheese feta crumbles, a dollop of pesto
-1 glass of sparkling pink wine

Kind of weird to mix italian with indian, but it was so good. Not necessarily together, but they were still fine mixed. Yuuummmy. And man oh man was that wine hard to open. This is the third (out of three...) time that this brand has been almost impossible to get the cork out. Ugh. Last time I ended up bleeding all over, this time I hurt my shoulder. Awesome. At least it was pretty good, but c'mon!

-brown rice w/ the leftover tikka masala sauce
-another half glass of vino

Shortly after I was still hungry, so I used half the rice I made my mom and made a lil random rice curry. The tikka masala was SO easy to prepare btw. All you had to do was take the (frozen) bag and plop it in the microwave. I know that's fairly common these days, but it was eco-friendly (the packaging, etc) + didn't use gross preservatives or anything. Woohoo. I'll definitely buy it again. Technically the whole bag (which I ate *red face*) was 2 servings, but each serving was only 170 cals, so I don't feel bad about it. All the shrimp on my plate was the shrimp in the bag. That looks like one serving to me, I don't know about you! :)


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