Monday, March 1, 2010

Pizza & Mascara

February 27

-half a chicken breast on 1 slice of brown rice bread (gluten free/yeast free) with pizza sauce & a sprinkle of white cheddar & goat cheese on top
-a little leftover whole wheat penne

-orange flavored sparkling water with a splash of cranberry juice

-handful of chicago popcorn

-small apple
-juice box

-poutine (baked fries, brown gravy, cheese curds)
-2 whitman's truffles

PHE-NOM. I wish I'd made triple the poutine, but it's probably good I didn't. Sigh. :-P. I was kinda shocked how healthy I could make poutine and still have it taste awesome. Not Montreal real-Poutine awesome, but it made my nostalgic cravings a little happier.

*sheepishly admits the rest...* (not that I ate all that great earlier either lol)

-glass of white wine (about an hour before dinner while waiting for a table)
-3 scoops of mediterranean salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta, vinaigrette, and a couple kalamata olives) (the tomatoes were SO good)
-3 large slices of NY pizza (1 white pizza w/ meatball, 2 plain pizza with mushroom & ricotta)
-small red mango original yogurt with pineapple, mango, strawberry, blueberry, and a drizzle of honey
-samples of the red mango probiotic teas

x 3

x 2

Surprise, surprise (NOT), I felt fairly horrible afterwards. It took an hour or so to hit me, but boy did it. Oddly, I didn't feel sickly full, but I felt overloaded with crap and so heavy and ughhh. The pizza (well, MY pizza--the ricotta and mushroom) was worth it (sort of), but maybe I didn't need 3 slices. Duh ;). The white pizza wasn't good, I don't know why I even finished more than a bite, let alone the whole slice. Usually I can only barely finish ONE slice that size, but at Grimaldi's I always eat at least 3 slices. WTF? Probably because it's just sooo good.

The last time I tried Red Mango was in NYC and I was already on an overload from Pinkberry. I think I like it. Usually I prefer my yogurt tarter and icier, but for a creamier version this is good stuff. I thought that was sweet the girl let me try all of the teas (for free!) too, since I expressed interest in them due to the probiotics. They were a little sugary for my tastes, but they all had a nice flavor.

Also, the wait for Grimaldi's was about 1 hr 15 min (I guessed 1 hr 30 min, maybe 2, so I was pleasantly surprised, sadly lol). Luckily, it's in a gorgeous outdoor shopping center, so my Mom and I got our shop on at Sephora while my Dad walked around. I'm kind of a mascara whore, but for some reason I've been using crappy drugstore ones lately (and by crappy I mean crappy...wet n wild anyone? I was using Hard Candy before that, which I wouldn't normally call crappy, but it's made with gluten and made my eyes itch like CRAZY..took me a good month before I found out about the gluten and how it can be very irritating to the eyes). I also supplement with my fave mascara of all time, the Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes, but I feel like it's a little too much for day time (which is saying a lot for me). Anyway, my Mom generously (as always lately) offered to pay for whatever I wanted. Is that not too good to be true or what? She really wanted to buy me the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette that I really wanted but refused to by myself (since I already have sooo many similar products), but they were all sold out. Oh well, it's probably for the best. I picked up a (50% off!) Cargo eco-friendly lipstick & Diorshow black out mascara. I remember buying the original Diorshow when it first came out and thinking it was good/borderline so-so, but I used the black out version for the first time this morning and liked it more. I like most mascaras, but I'm still looking for that one elusive product that makes the sky part and makes me shout with glee from the roof tops LOL. Sadly, I don't think such a product exists. Givenchy's comes pretty close though, maybe I should just stick with that. But Dior is great for now. Bye bye wet n wild. See, my perfect mascara (and most women's, I would imagine) gives length, curl, volume, AND thickness. I don't want some, I want ALL. But I guess that's too good to be true lol. I just want to look like I'm always in fake lashes without actually having to be. Is that too much to ask? Oh, it is? Darn. :-P.

Outfit of the Day:

old mascara



  1. i'm such a fan of diorshow, but will only buy it occasionally. i love plush lash by mac just as much....and their newest mascara is great too. why can't i think of the name of it right now? ahhh. your eyeshadow looks AWESOME!!! you do a great job. i suck at eyeshadow, but i'm slowly learning. also love the shoes!!!!

  2. I wish we'd get a yogurt place here! I miss Pinkberry, but would at least like something similar. The last time I had something similar was when I went to see Coldplay last summer they had the yogurt we ate in Chicago mmm. Thanks for reminding me about Red Mango though; I found out that they actually have one in Madison (still want to try the gelato you like too). I'll have to go to Madison next time I want TJ's lol.

    Love the eyeshadow!

  3. Christina-Ooh thanks for the suggestions. As much of a Mac whore as I am, I don't think I've ever tried their mascara. Must try next time! And thanks about the eyeshadow (and shoes lol). I don't know how I manage to make it look pretty good. I use really shitty brushes (like, those crappy ones that are basically a tiny black plastic stick with a little white sponge on top that come free with most crappy brands of eyeshadow). I should really use real brushes, but can't be bothered haha. I'm sure you do a better job than you think!

    Molly-aww it sucks you guys don't have one yet! But yay for Madison. You'll have to gorge on fro yo and gelato one day LOL. I'm curious what you think about both! And thanks :)