Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Man, I didn't realize I was THIS behind on posting

March 13

So things are looking up again. Hallelujah. Really we just had one bad nite and one bad day, but it was uber stressful.

Also: Our new office manager is soon-to-be our old office manager. She found another job (long story, but we knew she was looking all along, it wasn't by choice, but an obligation) and will be leaving us in a couple weeks. It's probably going to work out for the best. Our office is still too small for that many people. Now I'll get way more hours in (CHA-CHING) and we've fallen into a nice rhythm for the most part. Here's hoping it all works out for the best for us all.

-1 chunk of energy
-1 wildberry buckwheat waffle

20 min arm & leg machines (went up more in weights, yess)

I know strength training does my body good and builds up my muscles, which ultimately burn more calories while I'm just lazing around, blah blah blah, but I really hate how my body bugg doesn't consider it an activity! And I burn almost as few calories doing that than I do just sitting blogging. Of course I'm not going to stop, but dammit body bugg, get with the program!

I wish I had done more lifting today actually. My Dad woke me up at 7:30 and acted like I was jeopardizing our ability time-wise to make it to the gym, but then he wasn't actually ready to leave until AFTER 8:45. What? I call B.S., mate!! I could have used that sleep. But I'm proud that even though we haven't done arms & legs (cannot reiterate this enough: MY FAVES) in over 2 weeks (wahh), I still could lift 10 lbs more in my triceps than ever before & 5 lbs more in my biceps than ever before (which is a real feat, since last time we did triceps I'm pretty sure I could lift 5 lbs more than I'd ever done before, so that's doubling that). Yay progress.

-same breakfast sandwich as yesterday (except 2 slices of turkey instead of 1)
-egg white puff w/ pesto on top (accidentally made the egg puff too big, so I cut it in half and had me a lil side dish :-P)
-eggnog flavored bigelow tea

Now we're out of rolls, so no more extra delicious morning sandwiches.


30 minutes doing the Julianne Hough cardio ballroom dance DVD

I burned over 200 calories and pretty much sweated my ass off. I did the cha cha and the jive and I sucked horribly, but kept moving. I may have done 75% + of it incorrectly, but my body doesn't know that in terms of calories burned :-P. I can't believe I worked out twice before noon! Holla.

I guess since I did 2 workouts its ok to have 2 breakfasts? LOL.

-baby carrots w/ salsa + a few flax chips

At 1:30 pm I already drank almost 90 oz of water.

Took my dog on a 10 minute walk.

-1 samoa
-1 lemon girlscout cookie

I realllly wanted more samoas, but I knew I'd be having dessert later, so I very reluctantly refrained.

-strawberry-banana smoothie (strawberries, about half a banana, 1/2 a container of fat free greek yogurt, almond milk, drizzle of honey, 3 drops of liquid stevia)
-a few ghiradelli chocolate chips

My sweet tooth (more like chocolate-tooth) wasn't going away and I didn't want a healthy chocolate snack, so I indulged just a little.

-salad w/ ranch and homemade croutons (the ranch is usually amazing, but it was kind of gross tonite)
-1 piece of cornbread + 2 mini gingerbread muffins
-pork loin w/ a maple-bourbon sauce
-half a small piece of trout with slivered almonds
-mashed potatoes
-sample of black eyed peas
-like 2 bites of butternut squash
-1 glass of cabernet

HUGE meal. We went to Celebration, this homestyle restaurant that gives you as many entrees as you want. It's not a buffet, but you can ask for seconds, thirds, etc. unless the item (usually the more expensive fish or beef) otherwise specifies. The fish I really wanted (chipotle tilapia with an avocado sauce) didn't have seconds. I don't know why I thought I should eat seconds anyway? But I didn't get it. I thought the maple-bourbon sauce sounded great, but it was just ok. Again, tasted and looked more tomato-y? Strange. By the time I got my fish I was sickly full, but ate a few bites. Should have started with the light fish and ended w/ just taking a few bites of the pork, but c'est la vie. That would just be too smart :).

-2 bites buttermilk pie
-1 bite peach cobbler

I was STOKED to see the buttermilk pie. I used to get that on our road trips to see my brother's (ex) girlfriend and loved it. This was OK. I remember LOVING the cobbler, hence why I got 2 desserts, but it sucked. Boo!

Went to bed still fullllllllllll.

Outfit of the Day:

Don't mind the bag of clothes lol I'm purging old unflattering clothes from my closet. And I can't believe I wore black with brown. I usually can't STAND that, but y'know....whatevs.


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