Monday, March 8, 2010

Mad Hatter Doppelgänger

March 5

-leftover indian curries + one piece of cream cheese naan
-sparkling pom juice

-Averie's raw chocolate mousse with a dollop of tru whip and a sprinkle of cinnamon

I ran out of light agave and had to use over half of amber agave. Yeah, it made this wayyy too sweet. Should have only used half. My fault. It was expensive-ish to make so I don't want to throw it away, but I can't decide what to do with it. It's good, but just really, really sweet. Hmm. Maybe dip strawberries in it? I'll have to remake it the correct way soon. I love the texture. I didn't want to dirty my blender, so I just used a hand mixer & it worked perfectly. Nice! Love an easy dessert.

It took me all afternoon to finish that small portion. It was a litttle less sweet after it sat out for a bit.

-3 gluten free chicken bites dipped in pizza sauce
-orange sparkling water

Needed something quick and protein-y to tide me over 'til din-din.

-bbq chicken wrap dipped in ranch (less dipping than usual, despite them still bringing out practically a tub of dressing. Unnecessary, people)
-side of fruit
-water with lemon
-100 calorie pack of swedish fish

Movie grill again. Saw Alice (in 3D, natch). It was OK. I wayyy overhyped it and was looking forward to it for a good year, so I wasn't blown away, but it was still worth seeing. I love 3D. It still creeps me out how much Mad Hatter Johnny Depp looks like normal Elijah Wood, lol.

I'm too veggie deprived. That's one reason I love this blog: It really helps me be more aware of what I'm missing, even if it takes a few days to notice.

Speaking of veggies (well, sort of. A fellow veggie-lover anyway!), Check out Averie's newest Celestial Seasonings Giveaway (but if you win, you have to give it to me, mwhaha. I kid. Kinda). ;). Mmm tea. *heart heart*

New Shoes (of the Day):

Just call me Rachel Zoe because, well, I die. Inlove.

The obligatory Bella in (my crazy mismatched) bed napping with a book pic:

That's about it. Fairly short & sweet for this post.


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  1. oh I am so glad you made the mousse! and yes agave is powerful and can make things way too sweet in a hurry. Suggestion would be to scoop into ice cream ball sizes, put it in 3 or 4 separate bowls and freeze. You can put it in the freezer in one big container or try a bowl at a time. It will be more like ice cream, thus the uber sweet may not throw you off as much. Just a thought, that's what i do for scott.

    thx for the contest linkback!
    p.s. would you ever consider dropping the word verification?