Monday, March 8, 2010

Keeping Away the Vampires

March 6

treadmill 37 min

My Dad claimed we didn't have time to go to the gym and go to breakfast. Um, we had almost 3 hours, but okaaaaaay. While he showered I took it upon myself to treadmill it up at home. Hey, just because he doesn't work out doesn't mean I don't.

After I got ready we headed out to Breadwinner's Cafe like I'd been eager to allll week. There was a 30 minute wait and about 5 minutes in we saw they were giving out free small slices of zucchini bread. Yum. (my iPhone ate that pic though. It must have thought the bread looked yummy too. LOL I'm lame). Then, about 10 minutes in I got a terrible stomachache. I tried to wait it out, but a few minutes later I decided we had to leave. DAMMIT. We're gonna go back next Sunday, but I don't want to have to wait again!!! I love Sunday breakfasts :(. I think taking all my vitamins, particularly my garlic pills (in higher quantities), on an empty stomach did me in. I do that all the time though, but i guess today it didn't agree. Lame. I'm so bummed. It didn't help that it was insanely crowded and the guy next to me was literally elbowing me the whole time. When I have a stomachache I get hot and claustrophobic anyway, so surely that didn't do much. Boo Hoo.

-half of a fat free "european" style strawberry yogurt (camera also ate that pic)

Um, I assumed european was the off brand way of saying greek, lol. Not so much. Not thick enough. Tasted OK for flavored (not usually my thing, but I didn't want plain-plain and didn't have time to doctor it up w/ granola and sliced fruit). Regardless, it hurt my stomach again. Briefly, but enough to make me not attempt to finish the container. Which sucked because later on my Mom accidentally knocked it over allll over the floor of the car. Awesome. Not.

-salad w/ chicken, goat cheese, sliced apple, dijon vinaigrette, some kind of cinnamony walnuts
-a few steak fries

My Mom and I went to meet her friend to pick up our Girl Scout cookies and passed by a Red Robin. We hadn't eaten there since we used to vaca in Calgary and even though neither of us felt great, we couldn't pass it up! I didn't think my stomach was ready for a burger and fries, but the salad sounded amazing and I got to steal some fries anyway :). Perfect. Must ask for dressing on the side next time, but otherwise it was awesome. I love goat cheese so much.

-1 lemon girl scout cookie (so-so)
-1 samoa (aaaaamazing)
-1 dulce de leche girl scout cookie (bleh)

All together we bought 13 boxes of cookies, we are insane. I gave my brother all of the dulce (2), most of the lemon (2 out of 3 and I'll probably end up giving him most of the 3rd), and I'm going to give him at least half of the (1) box of tagalongs. I have my own box of Thin Mints, only because nobody else likes them. Really I just want a couple, but oh well. And My Mom and I have 6 boxes of samoas to share, haha. Yeah, bad idea. I have willpower with that stuff, but man oh man is it all adding up. I still have lots of chocolate bars from Christmas and beforehand, Valentine's truffles, Tim Tam cookies, you name it. I just hope they don't all start to go bad.

We also went to Sam's Club. MAN was it crowded.

Hard to tell from that pic, but every single register had a line of about 10 people. Geeez.

-sliced strawberries topped with a big dollop of coconut liberte and a sprinkle of granola

Of course the fattier yogurt would be the one that didn't make me sick lol.

-tilapia (made in foil pouch with olive oil, splash of white wine, capers, lemon juice, and kalamata olives with a sprinkle of goat cheese put in at last 5 min)
-sweet potato cheetahs with organic ketchup
-a little bit of brown rice

Fish wasn't as good as before. Needed the olive tapenade, methinks.

I'm likin' the cheetahs. First timer. I think I cooked them about 1-2 minutes too long, but they were still de-lish.

-2 thin mints

Oh, right. Willpower. Shut up. I consciously chose to eat them :-P.

Girl Scout cookies aren't nearly as good as I build them up to be in my head. Except the Samoas. Those are still bomb (that's my new fave word if you haven't noticed, even though it's so ....1999, LOL). The rest are good, but if they were any ole cookies I could pick up at the store I probably never would. *shrug*


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