Sunday, March 7, 2010

Indian Feast

March 5

-37 min elliptical

My lower back hurt SO BADLY after. Weird. It went away within 30 min-1 hr, but it was still no fun. I sure have a lot of pain all of the time. Not normal!

-half of an egg salad sandwich mixed with cottage cheese on 1 slice brown rice bread (meh, egg salad wasn't great)
-4 strawberries (ate one before I took the pic, oops)
-pop chips
-green tea with lemon juice

I was going to have a yoplait mango smoothie, but the stuff at the top of the freezer isn't staying frozen, wtf. Hopefully it's OK to refreeze at the bottom. I never follow freezer rules. :-x

My stomach hurt after :(. Stupid eggs!

-half of a grilled chicken sandwich
-side salad w/ balsamic
-side pasta salad
-iced tea
-german chocolate cake ball (meh. the only one they had left. dark choc and red velvet are wayyy better. this was bland-ish)

best sandwich (bun especially) EVER

-mango lemonade
-indian chips and chutneys
-lamb korma with basmati rice
-chicken tikka masala with basmati rice
-half a piece of cream cheese naan

A little spicier than usual. Still good, but not foodgasmic like every other time I've been. Everyone was really tired and quiet, so it was kind of an off nite all around. I don't think I've eaten there (Clay Pit) since my friend Molly's 30th bday last January 30 and it's one of my favorite restaurants ever. I heard they're under new management and it's supposedly not as good, but I refuse to believe it yet, even though it was...different. But not reaaaaalllly. I don't know. Guess I'll have to go again soon. No argument from me there! On the way out I finally grabbed some of those loose after dinner spices (fennel, etc.--anyone know what else? You know what I'm talking about?) b/c I hear they're good for digestion. UM they are also freaking DELICIOUS. I wish I had grabbed more. Nom nom nom.

Isn't their fountain (right as you walk in) so pretty?

Sorry the pics are so dark and poor quality.

Then my stomach hurt again. rude. I think I was too full, but I really didn't eat that much (maybe 2-3 pieces of lamb, 2-3 of chicken....)

-plain frozen yogurt with fruit

The whole reason I started to want frozen yogurt was because the original tart fro yo place around here, Berry Berry, started just down the street from Clay Pit. It's about 30-40 min from my house, so I barely got to go. In fact, I only went about 3-4 times total. We've since had 38949594 fro yo places pop up, but I still liked to go to Berry Berry when I was in the neighborhood. I went online to look up their hours to be sure they were open past 10 only to find out they moved locations. Far away. Lame. Since I was kinda set on yogurt by that point I just went by the one near me. Not the same, but so delicious. Actually, I like the one by me a lot better, but I just felt like a change!

Aaaaaand....have I mentioned how much I love my hair??

Yeah I wore the same shirt as the other day. Shhh.

Oh, and finally, how cute are they? Kitty love. Grandpa & grandson. Awww.



  1. Mmm Clay Pit, that place was so good! I'm hungry for Indian food now. Also Pinkberry or similar yogurt, sigh. I need to Chicago again to get that fro yo we had lol. They have Sprinkles there now too!

  2. Aww yeah, my aunt and mom really want to go to Chicago, maybe one day we can all meet up. That'd be really fun!