Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Should Have Been Born Greek

March 3

-1/2 of a gf zing bar (kind of tasted like a powerbar, which isn't exactly a compliment, but it was OK)

-lowfat turkey wrap with extra turkey, lettuce, tomato, guac, and ranch dipped in salsa
-steamed veggies dipped in salsa
-iced tea

didn't really take anymore pics, b/c I thought that would look bad to bust out a camera or cell phone during a meeting LOL, I took this after

-lil bit of fruit lightly dipped in a cream cheese dip

We had a fantastic meeting at the office and had Jason's Deli brought in. I love their new attitude...getting high fructose corn syrup out of everything, adding in more organic ingredients, and for kids meals they even offer nitrite-free meat (not sure why they don't do that for everyone, but...maybe soon?) Love that.

-1/3 of a cranberry almond kind bar

-sloppy joe on brown rice bread

-chocolate truffle (kind of a weird filling. Tasted slightly peanut butter-ish, but with the texture of caramel, which is not really my thing. Not bad enough to throw away, but not great)

-handful of chicago popcorn

-4 tropical starbursts

I got 9-9.5 hours of sleep last nite, but I have only been getting 6-6.5 and I'm soo snacky because of the sleep deprivation. I think for added energy. Must. Stop.

-greek side salad
-red snapper in a lemon butter-type sauce
-greek lemon potatoes w/ olive oil
-green beans
-small glass of greek red wine

I could eat Greek food every day. And probably should. Well, Mediterranean-inspired anyway. *hearts*

-strawberry protein cake with a little ricemellow cream in the center and warmed coconut butter on top with a dollop of truwhip
-small glass of organic skim milk

last minute addition

The protein powder smelled weird, which was off-putting, but the taste? Fantab.

Outfit of the Day:

LOVE that shirt. eShakti's Anthro knockoff. Swoon.


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