Friday, March 26, 2010

I Must Like Making Things Hard On Myself

I had every intention of updating while being out of town, but silly me ended up bringing my iPod cord instead of iPhone cord and I can't get the pictures off of my phone 'til I get home Tuesday. GRR. Only me.

The Alicia Silverstone book spoke to me even more, so I decided to TRY the vegan (ish) thing a little early. I'm kind of failing, but doing way better than before, steps? When I get home I plan to do it entirely, as I said, for 2 weeks. Alicia claims after one week or so of giving up dairy signs of allergies/asthma often diminish, so we'll see. I haven't had any meat in 2 full days and very minimal dairy.

My stomach is killing me at the moment. That's the exact opposite of why I'm trying this lol, but who knows what it could be from. Hopefully it will go away soon.



  1. I've really wanted to read that book and have seen nothing but good reviews in the blog world... I just don't know if I could do the no dairy thing. I could live without meat... But cheese? Eeesh I dunno. Can't wait to see how you do girl :)

  2. Hey Mandi, I just wanted to make sure you got your gift card?