Friday, March 5, 2010

Handy (Wo)Man

March 1

Say it with me now...Wow, March so soon?


-a few spoonfuls of pumpkin yogurt (canned pumpkin + greek yogurt), hemp seeds, chia seeds, 2 drops liquid stevia, a couple sliced strawberries (would have finished it, but I let the chia seeds sink in overnite and it got too thick and dehydrate-y :-P. will have to remember to eat it fresh next time)

No workout because I went with my Dad to his diabetes lifestyle meetings from 8-10 am (where everything goes in one ear and out the other for him, so I go to make him slightly more accountable) and we had breakfast after before heading to the office. Much needed breakfast (and cofffffeeeee). My stomach always rumbles during those meetings!

-nine grain bagel with light cream cheese, lox, capers, red onion, kalamata olives, and sliced tomato

I meant to scoop out the bagel, but forgot and spread cream cheese over the first half and by the second it was far too delicious to worry about lol.

It's always weird to me how sometimes a bagel can be a side (like if you get to choose a kind of bread with your breakfast entree, a bagel is often a choice), yet it can also be a filling meal on its own. Granted, it wouldn't be healthy to be a side and should be a meal if you must eat a whole one, but it's still crazy how it goes both ways. I don't know, I'll stop talking now. Maybe someone else will understand what I'm trying to say lol.

-1 bite of a cream cheese danish

I heard this was the best cheese danish in Dallas. Eh, not so much. It's good, but Deli News and Bagelsteins are better. *shrug* Doesn't it look so fatty? lol. I had originally ordered a side of cottage cheese alongside my bagel for some more protein power (ha), but the waitress forgot it. When we reminded her at the end (but told her not to worry about it), she let us have the danish (which I ordered to-go) for the same price as the cottage cheese, so she wouldn't have to take one off the bill & add the other on. Yay for saving a whole dollar lol (obviously the danish cost a little more). :-P

My Mom finally picked up Myra's (our co-worker/friend's) new office table my we bought last week. Even though it's from a nice store (Weir's), it came in a few pieces. I took charge and brought it inside the office and put it together myself. I am woman, hear me roar. Just kidding. But I was pretty proud. I'm pretty much my family's handy-"man," which is rather pathetic because I'm kind of the opposite of handy.

But in this case...

Perfection ;).

-small smoothie king skinny strawberry fit-n-trim smoothie with stress buster & antioxidant boosters (reallly tasty & the stress supplement was MUCH NEEDED)
-half of a turkey & guac sub (about 3-4 inches)

The smoothie kicked ass, but when you're hungry sometimes (OK, most of the time...) you just need to chew to feel full. Know what I mean?

-sloppy joe on a sandwich thin
-last minute small side salad (spinach, grape tomato, sprinkle of goat cheese, mushroom, drizzle of light ranch)
-roasted potatoes with a drizzle of brown gravy & 2 crumbled up cheese curds (not as good as the faux-poutine, but good in its own right)
-glass of pinot grigio

I was under the impression that it was a sparkling pinot grigio, which it wasn't. Disappointed. It was ok, but not what I expected.

Yummy dinner, though.

-banana ice cream (approx. 1 banana) mixed with 1 tbsp sunflower seed butter, shredded coconut, and coconut butter (about 1/2 a tsp?)

I think that may be a small drizzle of honey in the center? I forget.

Didn't exactly taste like ice cream, but it was good nonetheless.

Outfit of the Day:

kind of an awkward-looking face shot lol

I'm going to cry&die when those boots finally wear out. I love them so much.


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