Monday, March 22, 2010


March 21

-half of an egg white omelet with spinach & cream cheese
-english muffin with strawberry jam + extra cream cheese from the omelet (SO. GOOD.)
-potatoes with ketchup

-maple brown sugar cream of wheat (got a free sample in the mail) made with skim milk
-leftover omelet and potatoes

-1.5 pieces of fried cheese with lots of tomato sauce
-1 small piece of bread with olive oil and vinegar
-antipasto salad
-scoop of gnocchi (put most of it back, too full)
-piece of lasagna
-a few bites of tiramisu
-one bite of cupcake (no frosting)
-glass of chianti

I know. I know. Yes, I do feel like ass. You know how I feel about free food and they brought us free fried cheese and free desserts randomly (well, the dessert for my Mom's upcoming birthday). I was just going to try the cheese, but omg. It was so good.

I like Buca, but I'm glad we are finally out of free gift cards.


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