Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free Coffee

March 8

-10 min treadmill (5 beg, 5 end)
-about 45 min or so of machines for back & chest

I thought today was arms & legs day, my fave, so I was a little disappointed, but it ended up being a pretty good workout. Since I'm through with PT I decided to push myself a little more. Before, I was worried if I got too sore the next day I'd be in trouble if I couldn't do my PT routine, but now I want faster results, dammit! :)

-medium dunkin donuts iced coffee with a splash of skim milk (that I couldn't even see or taste, so maybe they forgot)
-ham, egg, & cheese on an english muffin

I was going to make my own breakfast at home, but we decided last minute to take my dogs to the groomers and I always stop by Dunkin Donuts when we do that. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found out it's now Free Coffee Mondays. You can get a medium iced or hot coffee. Woohoo. The funny thing is, I always get a fat free iced latte there. Always. But today for some reason I just felt like iced coffee to save on cals + get a little more energy. I also almost said small, but decided to go with my usual medium, and riiight after ordering I noticed the free sign. Suh-weet! Takes the edge off of Monday morning just a little bit. And I'm going again in the afternoon when I have to pick up the dogs ;). I also have to go to the library soon probably and there is another Dunkin D's over there, but their medium is huge, so I probably shouldn't take advantage LOL.

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But um, good thing for the Dunkin D's idea anyway re: breakfast. We came home and the dogs somehow got into the trash and it was not only strewn all over the kitchen and living room, but somehow they got into my new bagel thins too. UGH I had to go to 2 places to find the ones I wanted! Also, I'm kind of embarassed the dogs smelled like indian curry when I dropped them off LOL. :-x. I'm shocked they liked it enough to devour it. Crazy dogs.

OK, scratch that afternoon coffee delusion. The first coffee was HUGE. I can't believe I thought I could drink one or two more. Can you say crazy? It took me about 4 hours to get 90% threw with it before I got a stomachache for the second time since starting and it and tossed it.

-smoothie king fit-n-trim skinny strawberry w/ immune booster

Thought I needed some nutrients in my belly. Love this flavor.

-plantain chips (okaaaay, a little boring)
-part of a turkey sandwich sliced off with barely any bread

I can't stop eating gluten + yeast and it's making me feel like crap.

-about 6 oz guava kombucha

Really good, actually. Still a bit vinegary, but I liked it quite a bit. Good to know!

-sweet potato cheetahs with organic ketchup (half of a sweet potato)

-salad (tons of spinach, organic baby carrots, sliced strawberry, goat cheese crumbles, mixed nuts, and drizzled with lemon juice/honey/safflower oil)

Good and pretty too! I wasn't very hungry, but thought I needed something. I was working from home, so I also needed a lil break ;)

-half of a small raw chocolate tart
-a scoop of the raw chocolate mousse (so much better now that it's been refrigerated. mmmm. guess I should have judged it that way and not straight from the mixer, huh?)
-sliced strawberries w/ tru whip

I wasn't going to have any dessert, let alone a snack plate full, but who am I to turn down chocolate? ;)


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