Monday, March 29, 2010

First Day of Eating No Meat/Minimal Dairy

March 25

I really wanted to go all vegan today, but it's almost impossible here, so I decided that no meat + as little dairy as possible was a good start.


-1.5 potato pancakes..first topped with apple sauce, then dipped in ketchup, then eventually topped with the rest of the applesauce + huckleberry syrup (the last combo was the best, I'm a huckleberry whore and can only get it when I'm here)

-side of fruit

I think the pancakes had flour (and possibly eggs?) I only ordered them thinking they'd be more like hashbrowns/panfried potatoes in the shape of pancakes. Fail. They were OK, but bland and not worth it if they weren't vegan. Oh well. They were HUGE too. The guy asked if I wanted 3 or 5 and I debated, but thankfully only asked for 3. He said they were fairly small though. WHAT? Huge.

-the other 1/2 of the lemon larabar

-1 serving 10 calorie vitamin water w/ vitamin c and zinc

-gluten free rice crackers

-athenos hummus (not great)

-athenos roasted red pepper hummus (much better)

-an apple

-about 1 tbsp white chocolate wonderful pb

I meant to have *A* snack, but ended up with more like 2, which was basically a meal. I wanted to workout after, but was stuffed. I needed rest anyway. An hour later my Mom wanted to go to dinner, but there was no way. I had a few bites and had to take mine to go. The place wasn't veggie (let alone vegan) friendly at all, but I did my best:

-side salad w/ huckleberry vinaigrette (SWEET! didnt know they had huckleberry was just OK tho. The salad came with cheese, so I picked 90% of it off and I also threw off the nasty croutons)

-3 pieces of celery

-huckleberry wheat beer


My grandma's blood pressure was sky high, so before eating my Mom and I stopped by the hospital, but she had a doctor's appointment the next morning, so her doctor just told her to wait it out. Seemed risky to my Mom and I, but my grandma insisted. She didn't come with us to eat though, she took some more bp meds and took it easy at least.

I took my actual "meal" (side dishes...) to-go and had them a couple hours later at the hotel....

-baked potato with baked beans stuffed inside

-3 more pieces celery

I originally wasn't going to stuff the beans, but I didn't want to use butter or sour cream (mmm....sour cream...). I also didn't want a plain potato if I didn't have to, so I thought of ketchup, but duh..the beans! It was a really good combo! I'm not 100% sure the beans were even vegetarian, but they seemed to be? If I was serious about it I'd have asked, but I'm still testing the waters, so decided it wasn't a big deal either way.

-the other half of the lemon meringue pie

I know, eggs, but I had to finish it ;). I love lemon meringue. Sigh. I usually only eat it here, but I found some great recipes for vegan lemon pies I'm eager to try out at home.



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  1. hi mandi!
    the applesauce + huckleberry syrup looks divine!

    regarding the transition to veganism or even vegetarian, i prefer to look at it as plant based b/c otherwise, it can be too daunting. you're plant based but not tied to it in stone. that way there's room for other things and that lil bit of "room" may make it easier to stay on track.

    loved your comment tonite!