Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fail Whale

Today was hell. I was on the worst flight of my life. Winds were about 50 mph in the air and we were bounced all around. I don't even go on rollercoasters, because I HATE that feeling, so it was basically torture. I refused to get on the connecting flight to go home and experience that torment for another 2+ hours, so I'm holed up in Salt Lake for the nite. Fine by me (sort of). My Mom and I are in one of our fave hotels in cozy beds and we got to eat at our fave restaurant here. Unfortunately, my fave dish is chicken-based and there was no way to make it veggie. :(. After my horrible day (and barely eating all day, to boot), I went ahead and ordered it anyway. FAIL. No worries, I'll pick back up where I left off tomorrow, but I still feel kind of guilty. Oh well.

Unfortunately our luggage is waiting for us in Dallas. We had to stop by Anthropologie and a local makeup store to pick up a few emergency items. I wish we had more of our stuff (HAIR STRAIGHTENER FOR MY BANGS to name one...), but c'est la vie. We hired a car service to drive us around and it was also hell. I don't feel like going into it now, but yeah....long, shitty day.

*fingers crossed that tomorrow is MUCH better*


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  1. Aww hope your flight tomorrow is much better! Flying is such a pain to begin with these days even if the flight is smooth. I HATE turbulence. How long was the flight? Definitely sounds like the right call to stay overnight instead of get on another plane in bad weather. You definitely shouldn't feel bad at all for eating chicken after such a bad day!