Monday, March 29, 2010


I can't believe it took me 'til the last day to realize this, but I don't need my iPhone cord to get the photos off of it....I can e-mail them to myself. DUH! I'll try and do all my updates asap. Not much else to do in this town, lol.

Speaking of which, did anyone watch the 1970's show called Family? I wasn't born yet lol, but it was my Mom's favorite. It was 5 seasons, but for some reason only season 1 & 2 were released on DVD. Unfair! But luckily our hotel room has a DVD player, so we've been watching the first two nonstop. We're currently at the end of episode 13 and we only started watching 2 and a half days ago lol (each episode is about 50 minutes).

We were going to venture out to Missoula (the only city in Montana that I've been to that I love), Bozeman, or Helena, but decided against the longish drives. We took my grandma out to eat and grocery shopping, but you'll read about all of that soon.

Anyway, I'm excited I don't have to wait 'til I'm home and overwhelmed to start my updates!


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