Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cabernet Truffles

March 27

-a few bites of steel cut oats mixed with jam, raisins, and a tiny pinch of brown sugar

-1/2 piece of toast with jam (and I think it had a tiny tiny bit of butter, grrr I knew I should have specified dry)

-side of hashbrowns with ketchup



I was expecting to be "stuck with" oatmeal and hashbrowns as far as vegetarian/vegan options went and while I was, they were DELICIOUS. I expected quaker instant oats, but these were the real deal. Chewy and tasted slow-cooked and just..YUM. And I didn't even sneak in my peanut butter which I thought about lol. I didn't feel deprived at all, even when my grandma forgot for a sec and offered me some ham (the last time I ate there was about 6 months ago and I LOVED their ham). Yay. Too bad I could hardly eat any of it. My head is ALWAYS bigger than my stomach.

-another half of a half (lol) slice of toast


The problem with me is I only eat a few bites at meals, but then I'm hungry again an hour or two later! I ate this to tide me over and surprisingly it did the trick. Who woulda thought? I thought I was gonna have to eat all the leftover toast, but nope!

-2 cabernet infused dark chocolate truffles


OK, maybe these helped too. I picked them up at a little antique/gift shop in the middle of nowhere of all places, lol. Only after I got in the car did I realize the lady shorted me $1 change (completely by accident), the truffles expired in December, and they had milk as one of the last ingredients. DOH. I opened them anyway and figured any I don't finish before I leave on Tuesday I'll leave with my grandma. She tried one and loved it. They're really good! She liked them even more than her Sees chocolates we brought her, which are usually her faves.

We spent the afternoon in this old town called Virginia City. Their chamber of commerce website said the shops would be open, but only two were. Bummer. My Mom and I found a few rings for a great deal at the antique shop + we found some huckleberry popcorn (!!) to take home for my brother and I to share (+ huckleberry salad dressing and bbq sauce), so all in all it wasn't a completely wasted drive. The two shops (a jewelry shop and a candy shop) that we drove there for were both closed, but ya win some ya lose some.

Another creepy doll at one of the stores

-venti vanilla rooibos tea

The dumb girl only put in 1 tea bag in a venti and charged us DOUBLE (she charged for the tea LATTE), but hey at least I got my Starbucks fix in smalltown, Montana :-P

-side salad with huckleberry vinegarette (much better than the other place)

-fried veggies (zucchini, carrots, and broccoli) with cocktail sauce (I think. random, but I what I thought was ketchup tasted more cocktail sauce-y *shrug*)


-2.5 glasses of riesling

The paper place mats at the fancy restaurant in town LOL

& the decor ;)

We went to a steakhouse-type place for dinner and I had very few choices. What I got was decent tho, if not good. My Mom ordered us a bottle of riesling, the only wine she likes, and even then she's REALLY picky. This was German, which is usually a safe bet, but this time? Not so much. She mixed hers with ginger ale (*eye roll*) and even then I don't know if she finished ONE glass. I always feel bad leaving drinks behind lol, so I tried to make up for it (I thought it was OK), but I didn't want to get drunk and feel bad the next day. I eventually had to just stop myself. I don't think I was even getting a buzz yet, but due to the high altitude, I was feeling my head get really heavy and cut myself off lol. At least the bottle was cheap.

-glass of heated organic chocolate soy milk (aka vegan hot chocolate)

-more water

-a few more vanilla-pomegranate cashews

The "milk" (what I've been craving for days, because I keep seeing hot chocolate everywhere around here) was SO GOOD, but then I was wayy too full.



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