Saturday, March 20, 2010

Banana Milkshake

March 19

-Boston Market chicken carver sandwich
-like 3 green beans (yuck, so bland. I really wanted fruit, but somehow they were out of ALL fruit. Ugh!)
-iced tea

I had to attend a board meeting for our non profit, so I needed to eat quickly. Not terribly healthy, but tasty.

-kind bar

-3 inches of a subway club w/ cheddar, tons of veggies, and mustard
-my brother's leftover panda express orange chicken
-iced green tea
-oatmeal raisin cookie

Too much fast food. No wonder I feel like crap. Also, again, promise...not an excuse, but ugh. Subway ran out of iced tea and they wouldn't make anymore, so my Mom just had them give us cookies. Ugh, Mom. I was just going to have half, but ya know....the other half was so lonely ;).

-sea salt rice chips
-banana "milkshake" (1 chopped banana, somewhere between 1/2 cup-1cup organic skim milk, about a tbsp local honey, and ice. so good).

I wanted a McDonalds cone, but was too lazy to go get one and this was probably better anyway. I should make those more.

Almost caught up!!


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  1. nana milkshake looks great and i have never tried a kind bar, as bars go they are "good" with the ingredients but never have sampled one.
    thx for all your contest entries and support :)