Monday, February 15, 2010

V Day

February 14

Before breakfast my Dad and I had to run a couple errands. When I opened up the passenger side door he had a giant dog stuffed animal & pretty card waiting for me. Sweet! The only problem was my dog thought it was for me and was not pleased. She prettttty much sulked all day LOL.

-2 cups of flavored black coffee (cherry kisses & caramel)
-about 1/3 of a "mean green" smoothie (spinach, pineapple, banana, not sure if anything else)
-about 3/4 of an egg sandwich (an egg on an english muffin with cheese & smoked turkey--realllly good, I just wish there was a bit more turkey or at least that my slice was thicker)
-2 or so bites of grilled bread with jam
-about 4 pieces of sweet potato breakast potatoes & 2 pieces of white potato breakfast potatoes

SO GOOD. I thought since the sandwich came on an english muffin it'd be light & not very filling, but I was STUFFED. I got a little stomachache, but it went away when I walked around a little after. I'm surprised I didn't have more coffee. We were told there would be about a 20 minute wait, but were free to hit up the coffee bar while waiting. Yes, please! They always have 7-ish diff flavors brewing at all times. Usually I try to only fill up my cup half way so I can try all of them out, but this time I was too excited to try the 2 I did, so I didn't think about it.

As I was packing up leftovers a random girl came up to me to ask what I was drinking. She thought it was a vegetable smoothie and was intrigued. I guess it kind of is. I told her and I think she may have gotten one. Yay for spreading the (green!) smoothie love. :).

After we finished our errands and breakfast we went to Central Market, so he could buy my Mom flowers. We didn't like any of the $60-90 pre-arranged ones, so they offered to make us one on the spot. We picked a bouqet for $15, a vase for $5 (!! the first few we considered we thought were a good deal at $15, but at the last second my Dad saw one he liked more and it turned out to look the same as the others, but somehow was $5). Anyway, they said they charged 35% labor, so the total should have been between $25.25 and $27, depending if they counted the vase in the labor total. My Dad did tell them they could add some other complimentary (as in, ones that compliment--not free lol) flowers if needed, but figured it'd just be baby's breath or something lame like that. They told us to come back in half an hour, which was perfect because a.) I needed a few items anyway and b.) they had samples galore. The good stuff. We tried steak, shrimp, fruit (well, my Dad passed on the fruit lol. not me!), all sorts of fancy chocolates, ice cream in chocolate sauce, sparkling red wine, fancy olive oils, lemon curd and nutella on this popcorn bread (?) and so on. Very nice! I finally tried the bacon vosges chocolate. I hate bacon, but this didn't even taste like it. All I tasted was slightly salty chocolate. *shrug*. SO, then we finally go to pick up the flowers. I don't really like them, but we're pretty sure my Mom will. They also cost $42. I mean, that's fine, but...huh? What happened to $25-30ish? Oh. They added a bunch of pink roses. That's not what you mean when you ask for filler flowers!! They said they'd take them out and it'd be $32, but my Dad said to just leave them. My Mom isn't a big fan of roses (she hates red ones for some reason), but pink are OK. But we're not even sure they gave us the right bouqet! The vase was the same, but we're pretty sure none of the flowers we remembered picking out were there. Very peculiar lol.

Thennnnnn, we went to Sam's Club where my Dad wanted to buy her a diamond heart necklace, but didn't want to spend tooo much (he also got her her favorite wine @ Central Market). All of theirs were like $500+ (besides one crappy one that was mostly silver that the lady kept trying to push on us). Not even one sale. Um, did they not get the memo it was Valentine's Day???

I suggested we either run quickly to the mall or go to Kohls. My Dad said Kohls was easier, so off to Kohls we went. O.M.G. holy sales batman. My Dad picked out, by himself, the prettiest necklace they had. Then another pretty one. He couldn't decide, so was going to get both and maybe give her one for her birthday. Well, they were something like 60% off and they cost about 1/3 of what he expected full price, so he got both for less than the price he was planning to pay for one! He just gave them both to her at once. Who needs warehouse club "deals" anyway?

I was supposed to go to the gym in the morning, but my Dad thought he had vertigo or something (he was dizzy) and decided he should pass, so I said I'd go in the afternoon. Well, we were out 'til 4:30 or so, and I said I'd just go on our treadmill. I didn't. Kind of a bummer to miss a cardio day, but I'll live.

My Mom and brother had to go to the office for an hour and weren't home when my Dad and I got there, so we set up a cute little presents area. Then, when they got home we (well, my Mom, Dad, and I) exchanged presents. I got my Mom a couple magnets, a little art thing for her desk, and a notebook all from her favorite artist & got my dad tons and tons of sugar free chocolate and candy and socks lol. My Mom got my Dad 2 floor tickets to Michael Buble, as I think I recently mentioned in an earlier post. And my Mom got me clothes and a belt from Anthropologie! I got 2 shirts (one was backordered and should be here today), a belt, and a cardigan. I'll try and find pics of them online later. Happy Valentine's Day, indeed!

My parents went out for din-din and my brother and I just stayed home and ate leftover sloppy joes LOL. I also had some fritos that were sitting out.

A little later I made a snacky-snack plate of...

-a little leftover buffalo chicken dip
-gluten free crackers
-lemon hummus

And shortly after that I finished off the poporn. Sayanora oh-so-delicious-but-not-really-worth-it sugary crap.

And finally, once again how I found the lil princess...

My little reader :).


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