Thursday, February 4, 2010

PF Changs & More

February 3

-half an order of gluten free moo goo gai pan (chicken and shrimp)
-small side of spinach sauteed w/ garlic
-brown rice
-about 80% of a fruit smoothie
-organic green tea

didn't eat the whipped cream..yuck, who wants that on a smoothie?

Another (semi early) business meeting type thing about 45 min from home. A little stressful getting there, but once we trusted the GPS it was all good. I planned my meal in advance and was going to go with the Buddha's feast (aka a huge-ass pile of steamed veggies on brown rice), but my Mom's friend ordered moo goo gai pan and once I saw it came with shrimp my trying-to-watch-sodium-ness went out the window. Could have been worse, as I really wanted their sweet n sour chicken, but I actually think I may have enjoyed a mountain of veggies even more.

Anything and everything on PF Changs menu is delicious imo. Not to mention, as far as chain restaurant gluten free dessert options go, their flourless chocolate dome is at the top of my list. But I wasn't tooo tempted today thanks to the smoothie. Although, thinking about it, the smoothie wasn't all that great. I'm so smoothie picky!

Love that they have a gluten free menu. The chef came out and told us he uses all gluten free cookware, nothing is cross contaminated, etc. Not terribly important for us (i.e. not life or death), but very great to know when they say gluten free they mean entirely gluten free.

I wore my new Anthropologie Best In Show blouse, although I don't really like how it looked today. For some reason it wasn't very flattering (it's shorter and lower cut than I remember it being), but it's still so gorgeous.

the wrap tie was kinda coming undone there, oops
with my end-of-day flattened hair lol & Anthro Boyfriend Blazer (not sure if that's the correct name...something like that) + Hollister skinny jeans, Target tank top, & amazing Jessica Simpson ruffly boots (forget the name & they're unpictured anyway, but they're adorable)

After finding our way back to our home-area, we FINALLY went to mail packages we'd been procrastinating on. I still have one I left at home that's been ready to go since, oh, July? Yikes. But I feel relieved we got the others done. One less thing to worry about.

-2 lindt white chocolate truffles

My parents had to pay a visit to our accountant in the afternoon and I was there because we were heading to the office right after. I opted to stay in the waiting room and read my Sookie book and text my brother about the book. Well, until he texted me back to "stop spoiling shit!" BOO. I understand, but I like talking about it. Anyway, they had a bowl of lindt chocolate truffles in 4 flavors. It took a lot of willpower to stop at 2. I picked those two because I thought they were the white chocolate ones, which I wanted most. I was never a white chocolate fan until this year (errr, last year) and now I can't get enough.

-half a serving of salt & vinegar almonds

Also eaten in the waiting room (purse stash!), but what I really wanted was my leftover PF Changs. I ate those instead of tearing into a Kind bar, but I ended up eating about the same amount of calories anyway.

-the rest of the brown rice & moo goo gai pan (I love the crunch of water chestnuts so much!)

-frozen yogurt (plain and pom) w/ fruit

Silly me almost screwed up. I made fro yo to-go for me, my Mom, and my brother. My Mom's was just plain, so that was easy, but I made mine a mix of plain & pomegranate and I made my brother's a mix of tutti frutti & red raspberry. Both mine and his had one white flavor and one light pink. I'm 99% sure I put the right toppings on the right flavor, but there's still that 1% chance I mixed them up. I couldn't tell for sure even after digging in, but I'm pretty convinced. I was hoping so, because he doesn't eat fruit (or vegetables, or anything with any nutrition content whatsoever) and I don't add gummy bears, sprinkles, or fruity pebbles (OK, sometimes fruity pebbles...) to mine, so that could have been a yogurt crisis. LOL

I got another random stomachache (hours after I ate, so I think it's again, just my body readjusting to the damage the antibiotics did) and didn't eat dinner. I took a probiotic pill and had...

-about 6 oz of cranberry aloe vera juice

Luckily, it tastes really good.

I did sneak downstairs for a lil midnite snack (and another probiotic).

-chocolate protein granola bar
-small scoop of chocolate coconut snowball
-water (which I am really slacking on lately. BAD Amanda *scolds*) :-P

Yum. Yum. Yum. I made my Dad try the snowballs yesterday and he was pretty impressed, but I was too stomach hurty to indulge myself. Yep, he was right. Good stuff. Averie wins again. As if there was any doubt.

MMMM kind of healthy chocolatey goodness

Well, back to physical therapy tomorrow. *groan* I'm going to be thrilled when it's all over with. I do like the results I get for the most part, but it hurts and is NO fun. In fact, I really dread it. I haven't been in 3 weeks and I am in pain, yet I'm still not excited to go. At least when I do yoga (which has been awhile *sniff*) it's a good type of pain (if any pain at all) from the stretching. This kind is just uncomfortable, boring, long, and the assistant therapists (or whatever they are) aren't very comforting either. Pretty big disappointment, but if it works then it's ultimately worth it. I'm not giving up, but it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.

I feel like a little kid. I want to scream "IT'S NOT FAIR!" Why do I have to have semi-severe pain ALL OF THE TIME, but other people who do the same things I do (spend lots of time at the computer hunched over, etc.) don't have to be in constant pain. WAH WAH WAH. If only whining made it go away. Ha.


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  1. thanks for telling me about the snowballs.....lookin' good there honey! yummmy, you can cook for me anyday!!
    and i love your outfit, you're rockin it, sassy style!!