Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Party

February 20

-faux chicken parm sandwich (morningstar farm patty, 2 slices millet bread, a couple sprinkles of white cheddar, pizza sauce, spinach leaves)

Yesterday I was thinking I hadn't made one of these sandwiches in awhile. I didn't think I had the faux chicken and I had been out of pizza sauce for weeks and only recently replenished the supply. As fate would have it, when I was pondering what to make for brunch today I happened to see the morningstar farm package in the freezer and the decision was made for me! I'm a little weary about eating these too often because of the million preservatives in faux meat, but omg it's so delicious. Although it tastes like regular chicken, so I may as well just do it the real way. I act like I'm a vegetarian or something lol.

-2 more cake balls
-illy issimo cold coffee (super delish. I've heard this is the best coffee and I'm inclined to agree)

This time I bought the balls, randomly, from a furniture store. True story. OK, so they have a little sweets shop inside, but still. I went in to buy a couple pieces of rock candy, lollipop sticks, and maybe a piece of fudge. Imagine my surprise when, inside the fudge case, was chocolate covered cake balls! Twice in one day, who woulda thought?

I had taken them with me for dessert last nite at the movies, but didn't need them then and later on my own cake (reluctantly) won out. Lucky for me I had them leftover for today! Yuuummy.


-40 min (I think? It may have been 35) treadmill...walked 3 min, ran 2 min. I probably could have walked 2 ran 3 easily, but I wasn't wearing any shoes, so I didn't want to eff up my feet toooo terribly. As if that would have made a big diff, I know. My reason for going barefoot (in flip flops, even more dangerous, for part of the time) was stupid too. I was only planning on going for a min (I worked out while my cake was in the oven) & I didn't want to dirty any socks. LOL, told you it was dumb.

-the pulled pork off the top of a pulled pork salad + a littttle salad with bbq sauce (on top of the pork) + a little ranch (was supposed to be a pulled chicken sandwich, but they didn't have chicken and I wanted pork more anyway, yay)
-like 2 bites of mashed potato salad
-2 glasses of cabernet
-a giant jug of water
-2 bites of the cake I made (so pissed I didn't take a picture, I made it really pretty. Everyone was impressed. It was chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting and cherry preserves filling and topped with homemade chocolate cream cheese frosting with a hint of almond)

this stuff is ahhhmazing

Everyone had a blast at the party, including my Dad (which, is the most important person!). Glad we went through with it.

-4 vodka sodas (1 was mixed up & was a cherry vodka soda)

I knew that was going to happen. I told myself I could have 2 drinks total that nite, then decided 3. I later decided 4 max if we went out after (still only 2 imax f we didn't go out though), if the 3 didn't affect me. But that was IT. Well, you see how well that turned out. I just had a hunch there would be another after-party...and, there was. It was a great time, I just need to learn to pace myself better and not always say "yes" to the cocktail waitress when asked if I want another. 2 vodka sodas would have been sufficient followed by 2 plain club sodas. Hindsight..20-20. You know how it is. I'm not a big drinker anymore, definitely not a partier, save for a few times a year, but when I do go out, I still go all out. Not nearly as badly as before when you could find me pounding down 13+ cocktails, but 6 is still too many. A little tmi, but the weird thing is, when I used to drink in extreme excess, I never really got THAT drunk, yet I'd end most binge sessions puking it all back up. But I never blacked out, I always felt in control and knew what I was doing, etc. I was just more huggy and "I love you, man" and giggly. Yet, now sometimes I can have 6 cocktails and be fine and other times I do have fuzzy memories, which scares me (and which is also why I don't really do it). Yesterday was the former. But last time was the latter. I don't get it, but I do need to stay careful. We tried out 3 bars in total, 2 of which were new.

Anyway, with the last drink I was like "this is not's....sweet..." And Jarret, my friend/co-worker's boyfriend was like "does it taste like cherries?" And I sipped it again and realized yes, that was exactly the taste I'd been trying to pinpoint. He realized the waitress switched my regular vodka & my friend/co-worker's cherry vodka. I never would have guessed it was still vodka, but it wasn't half bad. I'm more of a pear-flavored (if flavored at all) vodka person, but I'd consider trying cherry again.

Outfits Of The Day:

Party Attire
top of party attire
bar attire

Still waiting on that tripod...


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