Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Newfound Gym Rat

February 9

-half a Kind bar

Pre-cardio snack.

I woke up at 8 (!!) to go to the gym. Yes, am. Haha. Yesterday I woke up at 7, but I was gonna go with my Dad and he said it was too cold and drizzly out and he'd go, but he didn't really feel like it, so I just went back to sleep. But not today! WOO. I did 35 min on the elliptical and went a little over 3 miles. So that averages my speed out to about 6 mph. Not bad for my first cardio time back! I also used the stretching machines for 20ish minutes. Got home just in time to refuel and get ready for more stretching at physical therapy. Heh. Probablllllly not the smartest idea to do a fairly intense cardio workout (my highest heart rate showed 150) right before PT, but y'know.

-the rest of last nite's green smoothie + 3/4 a scoop of vanilla protein powder + a little orange juice added in to reblend
-the rest of the Kind bar

I kind of thought I might throw up while I was eating this. I was really hungry, but every time I took a bite/sip I felt a bit gaggish. WEIRD.

I'm also trying to get myself in the daily habit of taking vitamins. I always go in spurts and then forget. My doctor wants me to take 4,000 units (i forget what the units are lol) of fish oil a day (aka the highest amount that's safe to take) + a Vitamin D-3 for my achy muscles. I also added in a multivitamin, biotoin (which I usually take every day for hair/skin/nails. LOL leave it to me to remember the one for vanity), and I need to remember to add glucosamine + chondroitin too. It's such a chore, but hopefully will help. I've also been taking probiotics. Again, something I used to do, and something I try to do daily (well, 1-3 times, preferably 2-3, but I'm lucky if I remember once).

-ham and guacamole wrapped in a brown rice tortilla
-1 cinnamon gluten free mini cookie

I busted into my lunch about an hour early. I forgot how hungry working out makes me the first week or two. I was starving prettttttty much all day. Kinda defeats the purpose, but I'm sure I'll fall into a routine soon enough.

-grande Starbucks americano with a splash of soy (tho, I couldn't taste any soy, so maybe they forgot it)
-1/2 a slice of reduced fat banana bread with chocolate chips

tasted like banana laffy taffy. OK, but disappointing considering it's made with all natural ingredients, but tastes fake

Went on an office coffee run. Originally I wanted my beloved vanilla rooibos, but decided I neeeeeeded caffeine even more. It's always weird to me when I ask someone if they want Starbucks and they act unsure as to what Starbucks offers lol. I'm so used to going multiple times a week I can't fathom someone who never/rarely goes!

-a little less than 2 mambo taxi's (frozen margarita's with sangria poured on top)
-2 mole chicken enchiladas
-rice & beans
about 5 chips with salsa

the cup was bigger than usual, hmm

I ordered (and wanted...) the grilled chicken with mole sauce, but they brought me the mole chicken enchiladas. Annoying. I mean they're good, but I didn't want corn (or any...) tortillas. We went to dinner with my cousin and her fiance (we= my Mom, brother, and I), so I didn't want to wait more time for them to correct my order, so I didn't say anything and just ate it. Wanted more protein and less carb. Boo. It was really good to see my cousin and Newman (her fiance)! It had been a few months.

-the last enchilada, rice, and beans

I got hungry again about 30 min-hour after we got home, since I don't feel like I had enough protein. After I ate I felt a little sick though. Not necessarily like I was too full, but kinda pukey again. Hate that!

I'm gonna take a B-12 vitamin & milk thistle, as I always try to do when I drink more than one alcoholic beverage.

When I got home I found out my Mom WASHED my Ugg boots. WTF who washes suede+ lambs wool/sheep skin/whatever the inside is. If they're ruined she'll replace them I guess, but that sucks. They're pretty old and 2 sizes too big (I got them overpriced on eBay back when they were impossible to find), but I wear them basically every nite as slippers in the spring, fall, and winter. Sigh.

I feel so crappy too. I wonder if I just can't handle much alcohol anymore or if I'm still fighting off some sickness.

I wore another cutie outfit, but I feel too sick to take any pics. :(


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