Monday, February 15, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

February 13


-about 30 minutes weight machines (2 back, 2 chest)
-5 min treadmill

yeah I'm creepy and take pics at the gym. whatevs. This guy is ALWAYS there and he's always doing this. I'm jealous. LOL.

Then we had to go home so my Dad could make it back in time for the Saturday group he runs, but I jumped on our treadmill. I meant to go for only 10 minutes, but kept going...for just over 35 minutes. I only burned a little over 100 calories on the weight machines, but got in over 300 more on the treadmill. YES! I don't feel complete until I see that 400 lol.

sweaty face
dead sexy

10:30 am-ish
-cottage cheese
-10 cocoa almonds

I overdid it a bit on the workout and felt a little sick, so I had to eat half, wait awhile, then finish it. Cottage cheese tastes SO GOOD right after a workout tho, fyi lol. I was so hungry while working out, I'm surprised I waited this long to eat! I wanted an egg white scramble + protein shake or smoothie, but my Mom requested cottage cheese & hard boiled eggs (and I added grapes, b/c I remember she'd been craving them), so I just made myself a quick/easy bowl. Good enough!

1:15 pm

Tried to eat, but got a little bit of acid reflux after a few bites :(. I think partially from not sleeping enough. It messes with me, but usually takes a few days of sleep deprivation not one. Geesh.

About an hour later I decided to try again and succeeded with...

-egg salad on a whole grain sandwich thin (my Mom decided instead of plain hard boiled eggs now she wanted egg salad, so again I had the same)
-flax chips with lemon hummus
-100 calorie pack of sour patch kids

-sparkling water
-ginger peach green tea (smelled sooo good)

just before 7:00 pm

-sloppy joe
-baked "fries" (fingerling potatoes cut up and tossed w/ olive oil and greek seasoning) with special sauce

I've been promising my brother the sloppy joes all week and finally was able to deliver. I bought the crappy white buns for him and whole grain sandwich thins for me (they're ALWAYS out of gluten free buns, blah), but his 88 cent buns smelled good, so I just had one of those, shh. They only had 10 more calories per bun, but still no nutrition. At the last second he asked if I'd make fries with special sauce too. We had no fries, but did have potatoes, so....wa la.

So, I have a problem. I'm addicted to the gym lol. I'm sitting here shaking my leg, practically twitching, because I can't wait for the morning. What's going on with me? :-P. Not that I'm complaining! I just want to see higher and higher body bugg numbers :). Tomorrow is cardio + stretching day again. I need to try really hard to get a good workout without overdoing it again.

9:30 pm
-slice of gluten free cake

I wasn't very hungry, but wanted to try it and didn't want to wait to eat until right before bed.

I made a Betty Crocker gf vanilla cake, but doctored it up. It's OK. I used the last of our eggs this morning, but my brother insisted I made the cake anyway. I had liquid egg whites, so they sort of substituted. I also added a little apple sauce, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and pumpkin pie spice), and at the last second added a tablespoon or two of apple butter (the pumpkin butter had gone bad, boo). The batter tasted REALLY apple-y, but pretty good. Oh, and I didn't have time to let the butter sit out to soften and I accidentally melted half of it in the microwave, so I only used half of the butter. After the cakes baked (I split the batter in two), I let them cool and then generously spread cherry preserves in the center. Then, I let some vegan butter soften and made a homemade vanilla icing with a tiny hint of almond. SO GOOD. My first real buttercream icing (usually I make glazes and call them icings or use cream cheese). It just feels wrong to eat essentially sweetened butter, but it tastes damn good. Much better than the kind in a can and it isn't artificial. The cake tastes good, but didn't rise quite as much as I hoped and is a little dry. It's kind of like an iced muffin? Not sure if any of that is due to lack of egg yolks or my oven. I think the oven needs a good self-cleaning. Must do that asap. At least my brother was impressed.


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