Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hungover Home Depot

February 21

-part of a rock candy (I thought it was cotton candy, but it was bubble gum flavored. Yuck)

I woke up feeling so-so. Not great/normal, but not terribly hungover. Just slightly headachy and blah, but nothing like my true "I think I may die, but death probably doesn't even hurt this much" hangovers of the past. I felt slightly worse as the day went on, but again, nothing too bad. I took B vitamins, a multi, 2 fish oil, and a D-3 before bed. Unfortunately we were out of milk thistle, but I took that this morning. I also drank lots of water + an emergen-c. I woke up at 9:30 (went to bed close to 3. yikes late for me now!) and didn't let myself try to go back to sleep (don't think I could have anyway). I just hate the day after excessive drinking, even if I'm not hungover I still feel off. Neeeeded food.

-half an order of eggs benedict

My stomach just barely hurt (slightly acidy) for a couple minutes when we sat down. I'd been looking forward to coffee all morning, but decided it was probably best to pass. Boo. I really wanted a smoothie, but our usual place which we went back to doesn't make them. Oh well. I didn't feel like the usual omelet or anything sweet. I wanted something different. Good choice, as the eggs benedict was delish. I didn't realize it came with potatoes, so I didn't ask for extra crispy. The regular style is actually really fluffy and "pillow-y" lol. I liked 'em, I may have to switch off.

I went to Home Depot after breakfast and think I finally have the plan for my bathroom. Found the perfect tub (extra deep!!!) & perfect (well, as perfect as they had) shower tile. I'm so inlove with the wallpaper & the shower tile border I picked out. Gorgeous. I still have a lot left to pick out, but the idea is coming together now for sure. I've had to let go of my turquoise tile dream, as I can't find any anywhere, but the new plan is pretty rad too and I can add all turquoise accent pieces (bath rug and/or mat, trash can, toothbrush holder, that sorta stuff), so it'll still have a pop of color. I can't WAIT for it all to come together, it's going to be amazing. I know, I know, it's just a bathroom, but.....whirlpool tub with bee-you-tea-ful damask wallpaper to look at. Come on! :)

Starbucks was across the street and I was dying for a milky-coffee drink. Cappuccino it was! And I also finally picked up a box of the vanilla rooibos tea. Much more cost effective and I won't have to wait 30 min to drink it when I make it at home. At a Starbucks recently I was told the tea is brewed at 220 degrees. That's ridiculous. I also hate how they rarely put the little brown sleeves on their drinks anymore. Um. They're still hot. What's up with that? Love the splash sticks though.

-the rest of the eggs benedict and potatoes
-venti nonfat cappuccino (should have gone for the grande)

Let's see, what else...

-banana milkshake (one banana, one cup of skim milk, honey, ice)

I read online that banana milkshakes with honey are great for hangovers. Again, if you'd even call it a hangover, mine was verrry mild, but I did have a headache. This worked like a charm! Yay nutrients.

-chicago popcorn

-a few candied walnuts (adddddicting)

-brown rice tortilla pizza (pizza sauce, white cheddar cheese, sprinkle of goat cheese, basil, oregano, dollop of pesto)

-the rest of my leftover vanilla rooibos tea from yesterday


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