Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Green Nails

February 22

3 shoulder machines
3 back machines
10 min treadmill (5 beginning, 5 end)

I had to get up an hour earlier than my usual earliest time (7 instead of 8). I didn't go to bed until a little after 2. Ugh. It took quite the toll on me. After working out I laid down on the couch to take a 30-45 minute siesta. Bella kept licking my face lol, so it turned into more like 15 minutes. Not enough, but I reluctantly woke up in time to make it to physical therapy.

I wasn't hungry until 10 am and had a snack on the way...

-peanut butter full bar

better than the chocolate, I think

Physical therapy sucked. Surprised? lol. They were out of open (large) stretching beds and stuck me in a room on a massage-type table instead where I could barely stretch and kept hitting the wall. Surely I did most of the stretches wrong, as I didn't have the room to execute them properly. Awesome. 9 sessions down, 3 to go. So far: still in constant pain.

-90% of a strawberry banana vivanno smoothie (a little bland, banana chocolate ftw)
-faux chicken parm sandwich (morningstar patty, multigrain sandwich thin, sprinkle of white cheddar + goat cheese, loads of pizza sauce)
-sample of shrimp scampi

the receptionist at physical therapy asked if I was getting ready for St. Patricks Day. At first I thought she was just making odd, random conversation until I realized she asked because of my nail color, lol. I was like "umm...yeah, sure." :-P

cooking scampi

After I made lunch (mine + scampi over pasta para mi madre), I let my Mom take a nap while I perused the interwebz + tv land. Sure enough, right after that I fell back asleep. Until 5 pm. ACK. I slept right through work. Good thing I work for my family or that wouldn't work out so good. I hate naps and wasting my day like that, but I guess I needed it.

-a few candied walnuts (I. can't. stop.)

-veggie masala potato "burger" with deli mustard & half of a multigrain sandwich thin
-fat free refried black beans

Not very good (except the plantains) but supeeeeeer filling. And super random to boot.

-a lil chocolate cake dipped in skim milk

my slice

only picture I could get of the b-day cake I made for my Dad's party

too full, but couldn't resist a small piece.

-chinese veggie soup

I was stuffed all late afternoon AND nite from my last snack-meal hybrid thing. I ordered chinese delivery with the family, but expected to have to wait 'til lunch tomorrow to touch any of it. At the last second, at 10 pm, I went for the soup to get some veggies in me. Can't wait for lunch tomorrow, though! Moo Goo Gai Pan w/ extra veggies (no rice) + steamed chicken dumplings. Yuuuummm-y!

-tastes of homemade hummus to adjust ingredient levels

-small glass of apple juice

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  1. thanks for all the entries and the linkage!

    love the cake, nails, and starbucks action...alll really awesome :)