Monday, February 1, 2010

Gingerbread Pancakes

January 31

For the record, I got up at 8:30 am today. OK, OK, so I went back to sleep, but I did officially get up and ready at 9:30. *jaw drop*

-1 gingerbread pancake w/ 2 drizzles of syrup
-1 egg over medium
-a few extra crispy breakfast potatoes with ketchup

About 2.5 hours later...

-1 gingerbread pancake w/ pumpkin butter (so much better)
-1 egg over medium
-extra crispy breakfast potatoes w/ ketchup
-xxx low-cal vitamin water

After I ate the first time I felt fine, but the second time hurt my stomach :(. My stomach stayed pretty bad off for awhile. I can't wait to be off these antibiotics, lemme tell ya...

I just had a random craving last nite (that carried over to this am) for gingerbread pancakes, so I had to!

-venti vanilla rooibos Starbucks tea (my newest lover)

We visited my cousin's new apt (really nice!) and of course got to see Miss Kendyll (where, as ALWAYS , we came bearing gifts lol). She's learning to crawl now! She just turned 5 months. She's getting her bottom two teeth in now too. Well, they're trying to come in anyway.

with her mama
digging into her pressies (including the hat)

sorta crawling

-frozen yogurt (mostly plain, but a little bit of good! Usually I don't like any but plain, but this was just banana-y enough, but still slightly tart) topped with lots of fruit & a couple lil chocolatey treats, a couple pieces of mochi, and a tiny drizzle of honey

-a junior cheeseburger
-5 cheese filled tator tots

Well, we didn't meet up with my aunt, but I did eat horribly as I guessed. My brother was dying for flavored popcorn and the cute lil family owned popcorn shop (lovepeacepopcorn) is right next to an In&Out-type burger place I had once and liked, Go Go burger, so I picked those up to go. Luckily they were out of sno balls (you know, those pink, fluffy, marshmallow-y, fudgy, cream-filled Hostess brand thingies), so I couldn't get the sno ball shake.

Must. Eat. More. Veggies.

-samples of the gourmet popcorn I picked up today (blueberry & snickers)

'Cause popped corn covered in sugar is totally a vegetable *rolls eyes at self* :-P

I can't believe those bags above are considered snack size. I'd be SICK if I ate even half that! Soo sweet.


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