Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fruit for Dessert

February 24

10:30 am
-almond & coconut kind bar

Went to physical therapy and had my back cracked again at the end. Hopefully my lower back pain will stay away. At least for more than a week. Sheesh. He also cracked my shoulder blades in two places. I can't tell if that helped or not, since my neck and shoulders are still hurting, but I do think it at least took some of the pressure of. FINALLY he addressed that I'm not feeling ANY better and maybe I need some chiropractic work. A few years ago I went to a chiro and it helped, but he used activation therapy where they pretty much use a pen-type object to "click" you back in place instead of their hands twisting you around. Honestly, I have no idea if that really works or not, but I remember feeling better back then. This guy told me that it doesn't work, but then again he's biased, so who knows. I'm very weary of regular chiropractors working on my neck, because you do hear about those occasions where people have strokes post-chiro work. I know it's rare and blah blah, but it's still a risk. At the same time, I don't want to be in bad pain. Decisions, decisions.

Oh, and I almost had to cut a bitch (lol riight). When I got to PT there was one main bed open (for heat/ice) and I was next. Woohoo. UNTIL the lady behind me went and sat on the bed instead of waiting in line behind me. Ohnoshedidnt! Luckily, the physical therapist told her to go to the shorter bed (that's so uncomfy) because it would be better for her anyway. HA.

12:30 pm-ish
-big bowl of leftover chinese (mostly veggies, little chicken + 3 steamed chicken dumplings)

stuffed! I think I ate about 2 cups worth. :-x. Prob could have/should have stopped at 1 maybe 1.5, least it was mostly veggies. I only used a little, but I freaking love the sauce that came w/ the dumplings. Pretty sure it's just a thickened soy, but mmm mmm good.

1:30 pm
-the last 2 bites of frozen yogurt from last nite (yes I'm weird and saved 2 bites. I was too full but didn't want to waste it!) with a little chocolate coconut butter & a few goji berries on top

Don't worry, he just wanted to sniff LOL

I really wish I liked goji berries more than I do. These are kind of old, but even "fresh" (as fresh as dried fruit can be lol) they have an off taste to me. The juice is okay, though.

2:30 pm-ish
-aloe vera juice

oh look who's visiting again lol. Camera whore! ;)

4:30 pm
-homemade hummus
-half serving gluten free crackers
-celery sticks
-chocolate protein cake stuffed with peanut butter
-starbucks via instant coffee

soooooooooooooooo delicioso

zomg protein cake? DELICIOUS. Better than regular cake, I'd say. So fluffy and mmmm. Love. And EVERY ingredient is healthy. Yeah!

8:45 pm
-tilapia (steamed in foil pack in oven with organic diced tomato, olive tapenade, capers, olive oil, and added in goat cheese in the last 5 min)
-broccoli and cheese mixed with a littttle white rice
-sparkling (altho it was mostly flat, but still tasty) red wine

Not to be egotistical like my Dad was jokingly calling me (while still agreeing on its tasty-factor), but holy sh!& fish. EVER. I want to eat nite.

9:35 pm
-small apple
-half of a grapefruit
-orange sparkling water mixed with a lil pom juice

Healthy dessert!

Outfit of the Day:

Yeah for jeggings. Yes, I said jeggings. What?

At least they're not pajama jeans.




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