Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's a Grind

February 2

-Aveda tea (weird they made it with a tea bag, usually they have the loose leaf kind always brewing)

I got a red glaze put on my hair to keep the color I got done 2 weeks ago from fading (well, fading more, I swear it's already really brown again). It made it darker, which was pretty much the opposite of what I was going for, but it's still pretty. It was also kind of a rip off, especially because I had it blow dried too, but the things we do for beauty.....

-bagel with cream cheese

forgot to take a pic. too ashamed. jk. I ate it while I got my hair blow dried and didn't have an opportunity to bust out the cam.

More excuses, as usual. I wanted to make protein oatmeal to eat in the car or right before leaving my house, but our cleaning people came a little early (they clean the kitchen first) + I wasted some time online before getting ready for the day. I got the only thing I could (well, the only thing besides pastries or cupcakes), because I was extremly hungry. I only wanted half, but even after eating the entire thing I was still starving. Lame.

-medium Americano from It's a Grind

Lost my appetite a litttle after that. I should just drink coffee all day. Just Kidding.

Before heading to the office I ran in Anthropologie, because I found out one of the shirts I've been coveting forever was finally on sale. Woohoo. I also wanted to pick up a (full skirt that they didn't have my size in last time. I sized down 1 size and it was still big, and even 2 sizes down was sliiightly big in the waist, but too short in the length. I don't know if I'm smaller or the skirt style just fits differently. Maybe a little of each. Probably mostly the skirt, but hey :-P. Even though it was slightly loose, it didn't fall down or anything, so I got the bigger size (still 1 size smaller than normal) for the length. Best store ever. I also picked up a necklace for my Mom, 'cause I'm sweet like that ;).

Best in Show blouse
Aniseed skirt
From O'Keeffe necklace

I also thought I'd want the Fargyle skirt, but the pockets, in person, were even more NUTS. Only Lady Gaga would dare to wear it.

And I wanted some tights and belts, but I can never find those at my Anthro. Strange.

Finally, I made an appearance at the office. Those are becoming few and far between lately. Oops.

-emergen-c water

-quesadilla (1 brown rice tortilla folded in half with spinach, shredded chicken, and lowfat mexican shredded cheese in side)
-1 serving of orange low-cal vitamin water

That was actually really good. I brought V8 soup along to have alongside, but didn't need it. Good thing too. I got another stomachache a lil later :(. I did finally get a massage tho, so that helped my head/sinus pressure issues out a little. My muscles are still in bad-ish shape, but it felt good at the time.

-about half (or less) of the small amount of flavored popcorn I brought as a snack

-about 1/2 to 3/4 of a container of greek yogurt

I took a few bites of my popcorn forgetting that my stomach hurt (I guess it had momentarily stopped) and felt horrible again off and on. We had to stop by the grocery store real quick anyway, so I grabbed a nonfat, plain yogurt to quickly get probiotics into my system. I ate a few bites, but my stomach wasn't real pleased, so I stopped 'til I got home. Then, I slowly a little more.

-glass of cranberry aloe vera juice

Luckily I bought aloe vera juice (good for the digestive system) this past weekend, so I had a small amount of that + a probiotic pill and finally was doing better. I made dinner for my Mom and brother, but decided not to eat myself. Until....

I watched Biggest Loser + Teen Mom with my Mom & about 2 hours in I chanced it and had....

-1 almond and cashew Kind bar

My first time having that flavor. So good! I'm used to the Kind bars being approx. 220 calories, but this one was only 150! Really tasty too. Love those things. And it smelled really good lol.

I decided that would be all I'd risk for the nite, but around midnite I found out I somehow missed my last antiobiotic. I was going to take it the next morning with breakfast, but since I hadn't taken any antibiotics after yesterday afternoon I went ahead and took it right away with...

-1 brown rice tortilla with half a pack of 100 calorie guacamole, a super small amount of dijonaise, matchstick carrots, arugula, & 2 slices of nitrite-free turkey lunch meat)
-more low-cal vitamin water

I forgot how good arugula was. Mmm. I probably would have liked that even more without the meat, surprisingly. But really, what isn't good with guac? Come on!

This time I am 100% sure I'm done with my meds. Phew. And the last dose of cough syrup fell on the floor somehow when I was out, so I'm done with everything. Not that the cough syrup did anything. Grr.

Tomorrow morning I am probably going to go with my Mom and her friend to lunch to talk about work-stuff (social skills groups, etc), so I neeed to get tired asap. We're going to PF Changs, my fave chain restaurant. Maybe I should turn off the computer and tv and go read. That always makes ya tired even if the book is really good, huh?

I'm a little disappointed I didn't have time to read your blogs today, but that just means more fun for tomorrow. Yeah, I'll keep telling myself that before I try and catch up and spend 5 more hours online lol. I already turned another tv show on while finishing this up. Just one more segment...really....



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