Thursday, February 11, 2010


Sorry I've been mia lately. I'm working on my sleep schedule, so I can become a morning workout person. Well, I'm trying. So far so good. I'm going to give it a month to see if it'll happen long term. Unfortunately, I've barely had time to get online (or watch tv--my poor poor dvr), so my blog has suffered. The next step is to better figure out how to balance my time.

February 6

-2 slices of french toast made with gluten free millet bread with chocolate-hazelnut spread in the center and a little on top & drenched on top with strawberry syrup
-a side of sliced strawberries
-a small pour of pom juice, a small pour of pulp-y oj, and a bunch of lemon flavored sparkling water mixed together

So decadent and delicious. The idea came to me last nite and it did not disappoint. At first I couldn't taste the chocolate-hazelnut spread and I thought what a waste of calories, but in those bites I did get a taste? Heaven. It's just a shame they didn't make it to every bite. I don't know why, I spread it all over.

I made the syrup by taking 3 or so frozen organic strawberries and nuked those in the microwave for about 2 minutes 'til they got nice and syrupy when releasing all of their natural juices. I smashed the whole berries down in their juice, poured in a little vermont maple syrup, and mixed together. NOM NOM.

My Mom had the same breakfast as me, only sans chocolate-hazelnut spread + with a diffrent side (strawberry chobani topped with sliced strawberries & a pinch of granola) and said it was the best breakfast she's ever had. Gasp. My own tastebuds wouldn't quite go that far, but I'll take the compliment from her nonetheless :). She's not big into cooking, so she's always impressed by the random combos I come up with lol.

-small piece of bread with olive oil & balsamic
-1 and 1/4 thin pieces of eggplant parm
-2 small corner slices of margarita pizza with added mushrooms
-1/2 of a serving of pasta marinara
-about 3/4 a glass of chianti

the ceiling of the wine room we were seated in. It was pretty cool

I really didn't eat that much (about 1.5 small size plates full max), but my body isn't used to greasy food since I've been eating better. I felt sick and felt a little too full. My tongue is going to need a break from yeast next week, it's starting to hurt a little bit. It'll have to wait one more day though, as I'm having beer + leftover pizza tomorrow. C'mon, it's the Superbowl!

Originally I insisted (nearly pitched a fit lol) we get their famous garlic bread, but we had to wait an hour to be seated and they brought out a large pizza for everyone waiting to sample and it was SO GOOD I had to have that instead. For some reason my pizza wasn't as good, but I still liked it. Free stuff is always better, huh? LOL.

-about 1 scoop of chocolate hazelnut gelato

The gelato I had at home. It's low-cal, but tastes amazing. I think it's just the way they make it, I don't think it's purposefully made low-cal if that makes sense. I was just going to have a taste, but I ended up having a full serving. Yum.


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