Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

February 19

-leftover spaghetti marinara, 1 ravioli, 1 small stuffed manicotti (may have been half?)

1/2 serving of baked garden salsa tortilla chips

-half of a grilled chicken sandwich
-side salad with balsamic
-about 1/6 of a side of pasta salad
-iced tea
-2 chocolate covered cake balls (1 red velvet, 1 dark chocolate)

I was just going to have a smoothie for lunch, but my mom and I were both craving the Chocolate Angel grilled chicken sandwich. Even though we had one Monday. We agreed to share one instead. Perfect amount!

I'd never had cake balls before. I'd never even heard of them 'til Monday. Wow, they are delicious. New obsession for sure. 2 is the perfect amount. Probably better than ordering a larger dessert, but still a dangerous food obsession to have lol.

-100 calorie pack of cocoa almonds

-less than half of a venti vanilla rooibos tea

After work my parents and I went to see Dear John at the movie grill. We were going to go anyway, but....bonus: My (former) university sent me an alumni gift of 2 free movie grill tickets. My Mom is an alumni from there too, but didn't get any. I guess they like me more, mwhaha. :-P.

-bbq chicken wrap with ranch
-side of fruit

YES!!! Remember last week or so when I had this wrap I was bitching that it comes with fries or tortilla chips and I wish they'd sub fruit? I NEVER thought it would happen, but it turns out you now can! For $2 extra, but it's worth it. WOO.

But it was (obviously) still too dark in the theatre to take pics

-slice of reduced sugar chocolate cake

AFTER I sliced this and took a couple bites I found out we didn't have milk. Nooooo. The only reason I was wanting a slice was to eat it the Lisanova way: dipped in milk! Bummer. I finished it off anyway, but it wasn't the saaaaaame.

No workout unfortunately, because my Dad had an early morning obligation, so I decided not to go on my own without my workout buddy lol.

Shoes Of The Day:

LOVE THEM. I picked 'em up last nite impulsively walking by them at Target. Only $19.99. Obsessed. They are so cute. I am loving sky-high wedges for Spring. Swooon.

I also wore a fairly cute outfit, but didn't get a pic of that. Oops.


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