Sunday, February 21, 2010

Buca Birthday

February 18

Right before leaving for the gym Bella wanted to go outside to play. She's not allowed outside without being semi-supervised, so she couldn't go. She kept giving me this "puh-puh-puh-pleaseeeeeee mommy" face lol

When it didn't work on me she tried it on my Dad...

Who it almost worked on, 'til I stepped back in :-P. Oh, my little lady. How hard it is to say no!

-2 abs
-2 shoulders
-10 min treadmill (5 at beginning, 5 at end @ 3.4 mph)

9:50 am

-cottage cheese
-a few leftover potatoes
-egg whites scrambled with spinach, arugula, and shrimpies

+ 2 more potatoes

12:15 pm

-side salad (spinach, arugula, carrots, broccoli slaw, red cabbage) with a little ranch
-bbq pop chips
-wrap (ham, turkey, spinach, arugula, guacamole on a brown rice tortilla)
-2 raw chocolate coconut balls
-diet dr pepper

boo for artificial sweetener, yay to glass bottles. I only bought this because yesterday I needed a caffeine boost, but then never even drank it!

Quite a few calories so early on in the day, but all good stuff.

workout 2:

-40 min treadmill (mostly jogging)

I was dripping sweat by the time I was done. I hate running so much, but I really want to be a runner. Meh.

definitely could use some makeup. :-x

3:30-ish pm

-banana chocolate vivanno a la Starbucks w/ a shot of espresso

-7-ish pm

-venti Starbucks vanilla rooibos tea

what can I say? I love me some 'bux.

-8:30 pm

-2.5 pieces of mozzarella garlic bread
-a little regular bread dipped in olive oil & vinegar
-spaghetti w/ 1/3 of a giant meatball
-1 piece of grilled chicken saltimboca
-4 cheese raviolis
-1 stuffed shell
-about 1/4 of a large funfetti cupcake w/ whipped cream
-1 glass of chianti

eating in the kitchen=fun!

Yeah, I ate about 3x as much as normal. I was starving and it was delicious. I cannot stress that enough. I should have saved more for leftovers and shoved less down my face at once, but....celebrate good times, c'mon :-P. Seriously, it was so. so. sooo. good.

Eating in the kitchen was pretty awesome. It sounds weird, but it was still a restaurant atmosphere, but felt more like we were all at home. And we rarely eat together at home, so it was a nice change! Perfect family b-day dinner. Success! The fact that it tasted incredible didn't hurt matters :).

The only thing that I thought was a little weird was the garlic bread. I swear every other time I've had it it came out like a pizza in a circular pan? And I remember even the small being wayyyy too big for a family of 3-4 to finish, but we ate every last bite (granted, we had plenty each, but we still finished it...). I wonder if they changed it, or maybe this is just how they do it mozzarella style? Maybe before I just had the plain? *shrug* Still tasty, I just wish I knew if it was the same I'd always had (and loved!). It would have been even better dipped in marinara, but it can still hold its own. I'm just a tomato-whore. Shh. ;)

Outfit Of The Day:

it's not really this see thru + I had a tank top under, but yikes @ pic lol
rufffffffles, my love

I also had on one of my Mom's super chunky charm necklaces, but I had already taken it off. I'll try and post a pic of it later.

Are tights only made for little people? I'm only 5'3" and these tights said they were made for people 5'3-5'11. WHAT? I could BARELY get them to pull up all the way. I don't get it. This always happens to me too. I know I'm not the only one. Hate that! It was the first time I wore them and they already have 2 small holes (luckily they're not where you can see them, so I can wear them at least a couple more times hopefully, but geeez). No me gusta.

Super glad I fit in 2 workouts after that dinner, but both were well worth it!


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