Saturday, February 13, 2010

Body Bugg!

February 12

I woke up at 10 today. The weather was projected to be bad this morning, so my Dad not only canceled his patients (something he never does), but didn't even set an alarm at all. He told me we most likely wouldn't be able to go to the gym. But I didn't want to sleep past 10:30 or 11 anyway, to get back on a bad schedule. I remembered Michael Buble tickets went on sale today, so I got up at 10 on the dot to order a couple for my parents. They saw him once before, but had mediocre seats. I found them floor seats. It's not until July, but between Valentine's Day and my dad's birthday (the 17th), today was perfect timing. My Mom is paying for them and they're from her, but I'll take the credit ;). JK.

11:00 am
-1 slice of millet toast with 1 tsp sunflower seed butter
-big splash of pom juice mixed with lemon sparkling water

After eating that I kind of felt like I had to throw up again. I just realized maybe why. I took a bunch of vitamins (2 fish oil, 1 glucosamine, 1 D-3, & a multi). Ugh. I had to quit taking glucosamine before, but couldn't really remember why. Maybe this was it? Damn! I'll have to single that one out by itself sometime to check for sure.

12:50 pm
-"green" (um,brown with green flecks) smoothie (orange juice, frozen strawberries, half a small banana, big handful of spinach, tablespoon or so of vanilla greek yogurt, 5 drops of liquid stevia)

My smoothies aren't very good lately. Must figure out why. The vanilla-y things maybe? They do get a little better when they become more liquidy, but I want them excellent from start to finish! Also, the smoothie didn't fit in my glass, so I poured the excess out.

1:45 pm
-a little over 1/2 a cup of whole grain rice
-the rest of my juice spritzer from this morning

Ever since 10:30 am or so I've been bugging my Dad to go with me to the gym. He kept on saying OK in 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes. LOL. I had a protein-packed "breakfast" in mind, but first wanted some "good" carbs to fuel my planned cardio workout. So...I kept making carby snacks. And kept getting hungry again.

2:35 pm
-a little flavored popcorn

maaaybe half

Still waiting. Still starving :-P.

3:15 pm (I think?)

-half of a brown rice tortilla with a tiny bit of lemon hummus (half a tsp?), 1 slice of turkey, and a few leaves of spinach dipped once in light ranch
-half a serving of gluten free flax chips

Probably shouldn't have had the chips, felt a little weighed down after those, but finally not crazy hungry, at least.


-40 minutes on the crossramp (first 30 I semi-pushed myself, last 10 I tried to get my heart rate down a lil & slowed my pace considerably)
-20ish min stretching
-5 min cool down on the treadmill

I hate that cross ramp & was going to do half on that + half on the treadmill for a total of 35 minutes, but I told myself to push through and did 40 straight on the cross ramp. It will not defeat me! I did get a little too red and got a headache, so I may have overdone it, but I don't really think so. I just think, unfortunately, that's a side effect of working out for me. It happens frequently :(.

According to my body bugg I burned about 430 cals. Not bad. I compared it to the calorie count of the cross ramp and it was a little off. At first it said I burned approx. 10 cals less than the machine said, about half way through my workout, but by the end my body bugg said I burned about 40 cals MORE than the crossramp said. I'll take it. :)

On the way to the gym we passed about 6 snowmen. Here are 2 I captured

tilted & not decorated, but really tall lol. seems like they went to a lot of effort not to decorate *shrug*
a litttle more personality

5:40 pm
-protein shake (half a small banana, chocolate soy light milk, hazelnut milk, chocolate protein powder)

I filled my glass and gave my Dad the excess. It wasn't my best (it's more nutella-y without the chocolate soy), but still good. I love how the ground is covered in snow and I pick NOW to become obsessed w/ smoothies & protein milkshakes LOL.

I can't believe I've eaten practically every hour LOL, but I guess it still hasn't amounted to much. *shrug*

I went with my Mom to see Valentine's Day at the movie grill. It was pretty good. It was INSANE though. I guess everyone was tired of being stranded in doors for two days, because the theatre was PACKED. We could barely move. I've never seen it so crazy. People didn't know what to do or where to go. My Mom bought our tickets online but didn't print them, so we still had to wait in line. They really need to work out a better system, because we almost walked in late and we had to sit in the front row alllll the way to the right. I felt kinda dizzy! It doesn't make sense to have to wait in the same line to pick up tickets as it does to buy them. DUMB. But at least we made it. Barely.

-3/4 of a bbq chicken wrap dipped in ranch
-1/2 serving of sweet potato fries with ketchup

no pics, ate in dark theatre

Should have stopped at half of the wrap. 5 hours later I was still stuffed. I don't know if it was the gluten or the meat, Or I really should have left the tortilla and just eaten the meat inside. Or gotten a salad with chicken. Ah well, the wrap was really good at least. I also wish they had the option to get fruit or salad as a side, but it doesn't look like that's ever going to happen. In many ways they've gone downhill over the years, but it's still my favorite movie theatre.

What I wore:

Pretty much the same purple outfit I wore to physical therapy the other day. Different under shirt thing (I wore long sleeves then), but that's about all. Hopefully it looked better in person, I think it did, but it looks kinda bad in the pic. Hmmmm.

Unfortunately, I snagged the orange shirt on my jacket and ripped it a little. My Mom seems to think it can be fixed, but I don't see how. It's only the second time I've used it. I have NO luck with those kind of shirts (the gauzy material) :(.

Consumed about 1700 cals for the day (guessing on the wrap and fries calories, so could be a little off), burned about 2434...deficit of over 700. Woo.

BTW I'm putting in the food times for now, because I want to see how often I get hungry when I'm working out most days.


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