Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blackened Vegetarian Bacon

February 5

-healthy BLT (vegetarian bacon, spinach, arugula, tomato, 100 calorie guacamole on a brown rice tortilla)
-3 strawberries
-1 raw chocolate coconut ball
-90% of a starbucks instant coffee (actually decent. Pretty strong and tastes OK. The bottom was a little grainy and it's no freshly brewed, but it'll do on occasion)

Although it hasn't happened in awhile, my iPhone ate all of these pics. I'm mad, I had an amazing picture of the blt. *le sigh* I don't get why it only does that to some of them, while importing. Ugh.

The bacon said to microwave it for 1.5-2 minutes, so I put it in for just under 2. After about 56 seconds I smelled burning, opened it up, and half the bacon was black (oddly, the other half was perfectly cooked) and the microwave was smoking. WTF. I stunk up the whole storage room/kitchen/bathroom area of our office (and even the waiting room before we put in a fan and closed the storage room door). Oops. I don't know how it happened! So the 3 pieces of bacon turned into closer to 1 maybe 1.5. Hey, less calories for me, LOL.

We were supposed to meet my cousin for lunch at 3pm, so I only packed a light-ish brunch (which, as you saw, ended up being even smaller with the Great Bacon Burnout of 2010 :-P). We ended up not going, so I got a lil snacky while running errands. I tried to hold off as long as possible.

-walnut and date Kind bar (first time trying this flavor. Me likey)

-1/2 serving of salt & vinegar almonds

-open faced, lean, greek-seasoned, chicken cheeseburger on 1 slice of millet bread with spinach, arugula, tomato, special sauce (olive oil mayo mixed w/ organic ketchup), organic american cheese slice (how that bright orange cheese can be organic I don't know, but I shamelessly love it anyway) and a pickle half
-5 "fries" (fingerling potatoes cut in half and baked with olive oil & pink salt) w/ more special sauce
-like 2 bites of a stuffed green pepper (stuffing= brown rice mixed w/ marinara, matchstick carrots, and topped with a little shredded cheese)
-venti vanilla rooibos tea

A little too full, but it was good. Originally I was going to only make stuffed peppers for my Dad and I (exactly how I made them, but with the ground chicken mixed in as well) with a side salad, but then I was going to have to make chicken burgers and fries for my mom and brother who don't eat peppers anyway, so I compromised and just made way too much for my Dad and I. Holy run-on sentence :-P. Now I have the pepper for lunch tomorrow at least.

-some more of my flavored popcorn

Crap, I just realized I forgot to take a pic of my outfit o' the day and it was prob my fave yet. Maybe I'll put it on again tomorrow real quick to show you lol.

I am, however, wearing cashmere pants right now. Yes, cashmere pants. I got them a long time ago, but always forget about them. I think I've only worn them once or twice even though I haaad to have them. Ahh, cashmere. I have to say, although the quality is fairly good (they're Juicy Couture), they are a bit itchy. Just a liiittle. But I love them all the same.

The annoying late nite hunger pains came back, as they always do, and after ignoring them for a good half hour to forty-five minutes I finally caved.

-a few almond thins with 2 heaping tsps of lemon hummus (aka the best flavor of hummus)
-a few cashews
-the last protein granola bar (must make more! this was batch two)

I wish I had some celery and carrot sticks instead of the almond thins, but alas.

I also just happened to turn on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Snack Attack" on the Food Network. Perfect timing.

I did better with my water intake today. Thanks, trusty Lululemon bottle. Love me some reusable bottles. My Dad told me his Sigg bottle is missing, and come to think of it I think one of mine is too. Strange.

Another note of randomness, but I've been craving a chocolate-banana protein shake lately. Even more incentive to work out. If only we had more hours in the day. Ah, there I go with the excuses again.


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