Friday, January 29, 2010

(Super) Slowly But Surely

January 27

-leftover chicken chili with fritos

I made a breakfast cookie as I said, but it didn't turn out. *sad face* It was still kind of wet when I woke up. Isn't it supposed to be more....cookie like? It was cookie shaped, but that's about all. Fail.

-nonfat honey chobani yogurt with the amazing granola, strawberries, and organic blueberries

Favorite snack ever.

-side salad (tons of mixed greens, grape tomatoes, & my fave light ranch)
-brie/cream cheese quesadilla with about 1/3 of an organic granny smith apple made on a brown rice tortilla dipped in a strawberry jam/applesauce sauce (thanks Sandra Lee, haha)

-3 cinnamon lucy's gf cookies topped with raw coconut butter on one, cocoa coconut butter on one, and chocolate hazelnut spread on one and I topped all 3 with a tiny dollop of light whipped cream & cinnamon
-chocolate hazelnut tea with a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk & toffee flavored liquid stevia

love the mug. holiday Starbucks year round!

The cookies are great, but that tea still isn't my favorite. I always have such high expectations of it, but it's pretty weak tasting.

-another mini bowl of the chicken chili w/ too many fritos (I don't even like fritos THAT much, but I can't seem to be trusted around them)
-frozen grapes

no pics, it was too dark in the room.

Gave me a lil acid reflux, but not tooo terrible and didn't last very long. I don't know why I keep getting soo hungry after dinner if it's just gonna hurt me! Sheesh.

January 28

-fruit smoothie (strawberry/banana/peach with a little oj, flax, hulled hemp seed, and a tiny bit of agave mixed in at the end)
-2 of the peanut butter chocolate protein granola balls
-1 gluten free almond scone with chocolate coconut butter slathered on about 1/3 of it (can't believe I didn't try these scones sooner, they've been in my freezer a long while. Loved it!)

All was delish. Although I think I prefer smoothies without peach these days. It mellows it out a little too much. But the peaches were frozen, so I could use less ice + I wanted to save a couple strawberries (I'm running low) for my yogurt snack later on. It made the perfect amount. Usually I make enough for like, 3 smoothies, but this made enough for 1 glass + only a little extra. That breakfast (well, I had it around 3 lol) actually held me over for a good 6 and a half hours. Craziness. I did have a stomachache for awhile in the late afternoon, but I don't think it was related to anything I ate or drank. Probably more related to what the antibiotics are doing by wiping out the good bacteria. I need to eat more yogurt and/or take more probiotic capsules.

Today was the first day I sort of went back to the office. My brother had an appointment there, so I went along and stayed about an hour and a half. I helped get some billing done and made some more packets we were running low on, so I was a little productive. I was told I still sound horrible, but I really do think I'm starting to get better. I'm still exhausted all the time and coughing a lot, but otherwise things seem so-so, off and on. We did hire a new person to help us out more (well, she used to work for us, then we didn't need her anymore, but now she's back about 4 years later), so that's good. Pretty soon I'll have to focus almost entirely on the upcoming nonprofit we're about to start fundraising for, so it'll be good to have extra help. Well, not just good, but necessary. Good to be one step ahead of the game, though.

I had an appointment to get my hair glazed after, but it was flooding here, so I rescheduled. I was also supposed to have dinner with my aunt since I haven't seen her in a few weeks (maybe even since Christmas) + she lives pretty close to my hair salon, but again, the bad weather, so we're (Mom + I) hopefully seeing her Sunday. I want to go to Babe's, this amazing fried chicken place I've been craving. I don't even like fried food, but this place is to-die-for. And there is an amazing flavored popcorn store nearby. Yay fatty day. :).

Actually, kind of a fatty weekend. Yikes. Tomorrow I'm going out to lunch (not sure where yet) + for dinner I get to go to my fave local steakhouse (and then a movie. May have a drinkie there, it's the movie grill where they have a full restaurant and bar). Then, Saturday nite I have a business dinner, and as of now it's looking like my choice of Houston's is gonna be the winner. *fingers crossed* So yeah, I need to either make very calculated, careful choices or get my ass moving more (or both if possible...).

-bowl of mac & cheese (my Mom made it and can't remember if it was organic and gluten free or just organic. I'm guessing not gf)

Was still starved after, so an hour or so later...

-side salad (mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cashews, amazing light ranch, black pepper)
-a little pom juice mixed with lemon sparkling water

Love it.

And an hour or two after that...

-About 1/3 of a single serve container of fat free blueberry chobani greek yogurt with a few blueberries and a sprinkle of granola

my preeeecious
my other preeeeecious :)

My Mom only wanted part of a container of yogurt, so I ate the rest. Nom nom. I was nice and gave her the last 2 strawberries. I got hungry even after that, but didn't eat and I'm glad I didn't, 'cause even without eating I have a tummy ache. No fun.

I just ordered a body bugg (in pink!!) + a few workout dvds. And I added a few workout dvds to my netflix. Stoked! Especially about the Julianne Hough Cardio Dance one + the new Jillian Michaels Yoga! (pre-ordered. Doesn't release 'til March 2). Good stuff. Now I just need a new lululemon wardrobe ;).

I still need to go to the mall to exchange a Christmas present, so when I'm there I'm planning on trying a few things on at the store. I was gonna order online (love that they always offer free shipping), but a few of the things I wanted are on sale, which, while is a plus, also means no returns. I own a jacket from them, but I think that's all (well, and a water bottle, but that doesn't count lol), sooo I need to re-try on pants there to get a better idea of my size, since it's been awhile.

I'm getting pumped to workout again. It probably won't last long once I start doing it, but I'll try and think more positively. I think I'll also be able to start physical therapy back up again next week, so that's good. I did a few of the stretches yesterday 'cause my pain was coming back pretty strong. Slowly but surely I'll recover from these many sicknesses that plague me :-P.

Oh, and Sprinkles IS having gluten free red velvet cupcakes every day (and red velvet vegan ones too. wish they had vegan AND gluten free lol). Must try soon.

And finally, speaking of Christmas presents (well, I was awhile ago), I can't remember if I ever made a Christmas "Haul" post here. If not, I still need to. Not for bragging purposes, but just because I like to keep a record of what I get every year for fun/nostalgia!



  1. I recently came across a gluten free recipe on the below site:

    By chance, do you have a decent apple pie recipe? I've been struggling to find one.

  2. Ooh, thank you so much! I'm sorry, I don't have one, but if I come across one I will definitely let you know.