Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Super Ill

January 16

-gluten free cinnamon roll
-breathe easy tea with honey

-turkey & ham sandwich with american cheese and dijonaise (didn't have the energy to look for the mixed greens even tho I wanted some)
-about half a serving of gluten free chips w/ a lil bit of kalamata olive and artichoke hummus
-breathe easy tea with honey

-lean chili scooped up with tortilla chips
-a few sips of red gatorade

no pics, 'cause I was too sick in bed and could barely lift my head to eat, let alone reach for my camera or iphone. needless to say, the food was brought to me.

-part of a giant symphony chocolate bar

-a ton of frozen grapes

-more of the symphony bar

I feel like I had something else too, but maybe not.

I had to stay in bed all day. I watched something like 5 movies + a few hours of food network. SO sick.

January 17

-about 1/3 of a spinach and cream cheese egg white omelet
-about 1/2 of an order of extra crispy breakfast potatoes
-2 cups of hot tea w/ lemon

-a few samples at sam's club

-hot herbal tea with lemon & honey

-about 1/3 of a skinny girl margarita (gross. made w/ agave nectar and it didn't mix well)
-part of an order of chicken nachos w/ lettuce, tomato, and a lil sour cream
-a little bit of salad (lettuce, tomato, a lil bacon, bleu cheese, vinaigrette)

I had these when I drug my ass to the movies (and, as you can see breakfast & sam's club wonder I'm not getting better, but I had to see Lovely Bones!), so it was too dark to take any pics. After I accidentally ate the lone jalapeno that somehow made its way into the nachos I felt spicy and gross. I like jalapenos in some things....pho, the lil chopped ones in a jar I put in soup, etc. but this one was RANK. Ugh. I barely ate after that. The movie was pretty good, but it reminded me of how shitty the book ending was. And it felt like they left out about 70% of the book. Obviously movie adaptations can't include everything and the movie was already over 2 hours, but it just felt a little unfulfilling, but still a visually pretty movie. IDK, I'm undecided on the book and movie. I just don't think some of the movie quotations made sense given the large parts they omitted *shrug*

-enough gatorade to take medicine with


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