Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nut Job

January 19

I tossed and turned all nite. I wouldn't be surprised if I only got an hour or two of sleep. There's no way I could have gotten more than 3, or even 3. Oddly, I was fairly awake and alert most of the day until about 5pm and even then I got a second wind shortly after.

-about 1/3 of an egg white omelet with gyro meat, feta, onion, and tomato
-about 1/3 of an order of extra crispy potatoes dipped in cucumber (tzikiki) sauce
-2-3 cups of coffee
-a little water

The waitress at the restaurant remembered our usual orders lol. Naturally, today we both wanted something different, as we had our Sunday usuals already this week. I didn't think we had her serve us more than once or twice before, but she definitely knew us. Kinda fun.

-3 bites of roast beef
-half a side of mashed potatoes w/ natural gravy
-half a side of steamed spinach
-1 serving of xxx 10 calorie vitamin water

-pau d'arco tea

I was starving after the meetings I went to with my Dad (one of which was to see his diabetes nutritionist, who told him to always listen to me, because I know everything there is about nutrition. Mwhaha). But once we ordered breakfast I suddenly lost most of my appetite and it never really returned. I made myself eat a little, because I've been REALLY weak ever since I got sick.

One last complaint for the evening. My tongue has been KILLING me. For the past year or so it's always bothered me off and on, and now it's definetely on. UGH. I'm going to avoid yeast and try as hard as I can to limit sugar (my preciousssss) for awhile and take lots of herbs and supplements again. Hopefully that will help. Oddly/luckily, I'm kind of put off by sugar right now anyway, except maybe a tiny bit of dark chocolate or something, but that's low in sugar anyway and only half counts. Hope that lasts awhile.

I thought I was slowly but surely getting well, but this evening I started feeling craptastic again. Probably because I hung out on my computer all day instead of in bed. Oops. Not to mention the lack of sleep. I can't believe it's after 1:30 am now and I'm still awake.

Oh, and back to the tongue thing real quick. It's interesting to google about painful tongues. I found possible diagnosis' anywhere from basically just needing to brush my teeth more (I think my twice daily is sufficient..) all the way to cancer and aids and everything in between (rashes, nerve damage, digestive disorders, you name it). What a leap. Oh, dr. interwebz.

I wanted to try to do my physical therapy routine at home today + a little yoga. I succeeded with the PT. I kinda hate it. Stretching those muscles is so painful. But I guess that's the point. I hope it gets less annoying with time. Maybe yoga tomorrow?

I guess that's about all for today. Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What's your favorite kind of nut?

I'd have to go with cashews as the clear winner, but I also really like macadamias. And pistachios sometimes. Oddly, I think hazelnuts are just ok (I mean I'll happily eat them, but I don't feel that uncontrollable nomnomnom urge around them lol), but I lovelovelove most anything hazelnut flavored. But yeah. Pretty much I just like nuts (TWSS). ;)



  1. thx for finding my blog. Fave nut = cashews b/c of their versatility in raw unbaking. Can you saw raw choc chip cookie dough balls or dark choc cherry balls. It all starts w/ cashews!

  2. I love your blog, especially all of your raw/high raw chocolate balls. Yum. Thanks for the comment!