Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Juice Detox + Next Day

January 12

-a bunch of watered down warm juice w/ spices
-a bunch of warm lemon water

x like.....5? 6?

Juice Fast was a success for me and a Failure for my Dad, as I suspected. To be fair, he has Type II Diabetes and it wasn't suggested for those w/ diabetes, so no surpris. He felt woozy and decided to eat. He only ate because he forgot his blood sugar kit at home. Had his blood sugar been normal he claims he would have kept going, but he fell asleep he was so tired, so....who knows. His diabetes is new(ish), has always been under control, and is very mild, but it still doesn't seem like a good idea *shrug*

I had a longass day too (had to be up at 9. Usually I wake up around noon lol) and was mildly miserable due to hunger and tiredness, but it could have been way worse. All day I dreamed about what I could eat the following day lol. I had dreams of indian food (chicken or lamb korma particularly, which is strange b/c I've only had about one bite of it ever in my life), thai curries, moo goo gai pan (especially the water chestnuts. crunch!), etc--but above all I REALLY wanted a turkey sandwich.

January 13

I lost 4 lbs. Not expecting to keep it off, as I'm sure it's water weight, but we'll see.

I went to bed at 1 am (starting around 6pm I said I was going to go to sleep, so I'm surprised I made it that long, but that's usually way early for me) & woke up at 10:45/11ish am, which is, again, early para mi. I actually was no longer that hungry. I puttered around online a bit (a bit too long, since I had a 1 pm physical therapy appt) and finally went down to make something...

At noon...

-turkey, ham, & cheese sandwich w/ mixed greens and dijonaise on gluten free multigrain bread
-a few bbq pop chips + a few sour cream & onion pop chips
-2 pieces of pineapple
-a cup of strawberry-apple 100% juice

I felt fine right after, but maybe twenty minutes later my stomach huuurt. It went away quickly tho, phew.

Then I had physical therapy. I felt pretty bad before I went and very bad directly after. Then, I started to feel OK, so I overexerted myself and hurt again, then felt better...etc. I'm still not confident that the pt is going to help me, but I have 9 more sessions to find out. I've heard the real pain cure happens around week 2 or 3, so maybe I'll be a believer next week or so. Here's hoping. I'm still not too impressed with the system. Today at least 4-5 of us were taken back at once and I barely feel like I'm being paid attention to most of the time. The pt (or whatever she is, I think probably an assistant of some sort) acted semi-annoyed (not exactly annoyed, but she was slightly rude, imo) that I didn't remember all of the routine. I've only been twice (this was the third time). Excuuuse me. It's not like they gave me any charts or anything to practice at home. As soon as I left I tried to text myself the entire thing to remember for next time, but idk. The whole thing just makes me uncomfortable, but it's not too terrible so I'll just finish it out in hopes that they are doing the right things...


-1 serving of 10 calorie go-go vitamin water


-another turkey & ham sandwich
-iced hazelnut coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and english toffee liquid stevia

Hey, when a girl wants a turkey (and ham...) sandwich, she really wants a turkey (and ham) sandwich (times 2). :). After I finished it I really wanted ANOTHER, but refrained lol.


-20 calorie Thomas Kemper root beer
-lemon water


-lean cheeseburger on a chebe gluten free bun with pickles, tomato, mixed greens, and "special sauce" (vegenaise mixed with organic ketchup), and dijonaise
-tator tots w/ special sauce
-maple and pecan roasted brussel sprouts
-20 calorie Thomas Kemper root beer

I should have saved half the burger, but it was so good.


-plain frozen yogurt with kiwi and strawberries and a drizzle of honey

I was SO hyper today. I wonder if it was due to the detox? Some sort of crazyass energy! Hopefully it will subside soon, 'cause I have to get up early for a hair appointment (eek, must find pics for that first...).


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