Friday, January 8, 2010

January 5

January 5

AGAIN I ate SO much :-\

-about half a portion of bbq turkey with a littttle bbq sauce
-a few bites of (gross) bbq beans
-green beans
-unsweetened iced tea

Dropped off some food and saw this lil bouncy girl....

her hair, LOLOL

-tall soy gingerbread latte
-one caramel tim tam (tim tam slam!!)

kinda weak *sigh* I need at least one more GOOD gingerbread latte before they go bye-bye...that's the second meh one I had in a row.

-one leftover mini vanilla scone

-2 handfuls of gluten free crackers

-kind bar
-one strawberry starburst
-lots of water

-turkey breast (I sure eat a LOT of turkey lol, could be worse...) with cranberry chutney (unpictured)
-chicken flavored rice
-side salad (mixed greens, roasted sunflower seeds, red and yellow grape tomatoes, mushroom, lil bit of bleu cheese, light ranch)
-the last piece of garlic bread
-3 or 4 gluten free crackers with some spinach artichoke dip

-3 more tim tams
-organic skim milk

While watching Biggest Loser, natch.

The grumpy looking doggies say 'nite 'nite


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