Friday, January 22, 2010

Four Infections

January 21

-one gluten free blueberry waffle topped with maple peanut butter & pumpkin butter
-the rest of my egg white gyro omelet
-acai berry tea


Before I ate this I weighed myself expecting to be the same as last week or less, since I haven't been eating too much. I gained 5-6 lbs. What?? I know I've just been laying around, but come ON. I know it's not fat-weight, but it's still irritating.

-about half an order of thai yellow curry with chicken
-half the rice
-a bottle of low-cal vitamin water

My Mom forced me to finally go to the doctor today. Well, the CVS minute clinic. We got there about 15 minutes before they closed, I'm sure the Dr (or Physicians Assistant, really) was thrilled. She was kind of nice and rude/sarcastic at the same time. When I coughed she was like "um don't get me sick." I'm sure she was mostly kidding, but it made me feel like I wasn't "allowed' to cough anymore. I was a little uncomfortable, but too sick and tired to care. My mom's been trying to get me to the dr for days now, but I prefer to let my body heal itself without antibiotics if at all possible, so I was trying to wait it out. I know this sounds silly, but I was just too TIRED to go anywhere, doctor included. When my Mom got home from work I was passed out, but she told me I had to go before they closed, so I got ready an hour or so later.

Turns out that was for the best. I have a sinus infection, an upper respiratory infection, a throat infection (possibly strep, but I don't really think so), and what I've known all along, bronchititis. Fun, I know. I also had a fever and wheezing in my chest. She gave me pretty much the strongest antibiotics possible and told me I need to eat a large meal with them, at least twice a day. Right after I told her I have no appetite. Awesome. I asked her if I could eat a small meal and she said no. I don't eat large meals anyway, let alone when I have no appetite, but I told her I guess I'd have to force myself. Blah. I figured eating half an order of thai takeout was fine, since restaurants are notorious for giving too big of portions. Although, even I can usually eat an entire thai dish, but whatever. It was fine. I really wanted to branch out and try the red or green curry, but figured when I HAD to eat and eat a decent amount, I better stick to my tried and true. Next time.

-Immune Support Tea

I love this mug

-frozen grapes & peaches

The good thing is I finally got my codeine-laden cough syrup. I've been pining for it for a week now. It's the only thing that helps me when I'm sick. I had some leftover from a previous infection, but it expired years ago, so I didn't think I should take it. I don't even know why I still have it. Last time I had bronchitis I had to go to one of those Care Now places and the doctor was really odd and creeped me out. I was too scared, for some reason, to ask her for the cough syrup, thinking she'd think I was a druggie or something. Weird, I know. But it is codeine. This time I didn't care and asked right away and the PA was happy to oblige. Hopefully I'll sleep through the nite and stop having messed up dreams. Last nite I had a dream I was at my regular primary care doctor's office and she went psycho and hit me and did all this other crazy stuff I can't remember. Needless to say, not a very restful sleep lol.

Sweet Dreams, everyone.


P.S. How good were Grey's and Private Practice tonite? Especially PP? So good.


  1. OMG honey, hang in sound like you're in horrible shape! Unsolicited natural/holistic advice: start taking probiotics to help your immune system AND rebalance your gut after antibiotics. Garlic, vitamin C from citrus fruits, zinc lozenges, coconut oil, they are all antibacterial/antiviral. HANG IN THERE!

  2. Thanks! I'm never sure if you're supposed to take probiotics WHILE you take the antibiotics or after. I usually take them every day anyway, but I read a website saying it's best to wait 'til day 7 (of a 10 day antibiotic) to introduce them, but that seemed random to me. I didn't know coconut oil was good for that either. Great to know. No wonder I've been craving raw chocolate balls. Tons of coconut oil in them :). I have a jar of the plain stuff too. Will keep that in mind. I appreciate it.