Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Doggiversary/The Magic Time Machine

January 30

Happy Doggiversary to my dog, Buster. Today marks 3 wonderful years since we got him. Yay.

-leftover baked potato with light ranch & black pepper

I set my leftover steak half on the back of the stove while I nuked the baked potato. Didn't want to overcook the steak (I like my cow still mooing), so I was going to put it in at the last minute. I very briefly left the room. Came back and was soon wrestling with our (large) dog over the container, which was now on the floor. I lost. Dammit.

-1 mini chocolate chip cookie dough ball (aka the one made out of the very last of the dough, so it didn't make quite a full sized ball, which meant I had to eat it right then and there. Just to test them out. Am I right?)

Am I on an Averie food making kick this week or what? This time it was her balls ;). I'm always reluctant to use the food processer, as I never had much luck figuring one out in the past, but the new one I got a couple months ago kinda kicks ass. I forgot I used most of the chocolate chips in last nite's hot chocolate escapade, so I used a combo of white and milk chocolate. Which, lately, I tend to do anyway. That's just how I roll. (FYI: no pun was intended, until I totally realized ball...roll. That's pretty punny. I know, I'm bad. But I happen to like it thankyouverymuch).

-2 more cookie dough balls

Now time for a...

*sad face*

Up until, oh midnite? 1 am? Our business meeting was still scheduled for my pick, Houston's. Then I came to find we were going to Magic Time Machine instead. Now, don't get me wrong. I usually love that place. It's very kitschy. Waiters and waitresses dress up in costume and act in character all nite. Basically, it's year-round Halloween. And the one trip you get to take to the salad bar (that is inside of an old car) is more or less phenom (cheeeeese crackers *droool*). But other than that? Pretty mediocre food. They do have this fun platter called the Roman Orgy, with all kinds of fruits, veggies, and meats. But you technically have to have 4 people order it (they'll always do it for 3, though). I'll just focus on the drinkies. Even they aren't anything too special taste-wise, but they're passable and fun. I always go for the magic bubbling potion. It's pretty much just a fruit punch of sorts (I get mine with rum. They also do it with vodka, tequila, and I think one more thing? or you can get it sans alchy), and they put dry ice at the bottom, so it's all steamy and bubbly. The other thing is, it doesn't seem very business atmosphere-y. Granted, it's a super small business meeting, but still. Usually we go to quiet, fancier places. Y'know, the usual places business often takes place when food is involved.

-salad piled high with veggies, lots of cheese crackers, & a little ranch
-2 rum potions
-a small apple, a wedge of honey dew melon, a small piece of bread w/ honey butter, veggies, roasted potatoes, one small bite of chicken, about 1 rib (if that. & no sauce), 2 or 3 bites of brisket (too fatty)

I'm not very fond of how I look in this pic, but my shirt is qt (Anthropologie Strewn Leaves). Although you can't tell how unique the neckline is in the pic. And the back has an exposed zipper that's kinda fun. I was wearing a diff shirt that everyone liked more, but it was hurting my stomach (of course...what isn't?) because it had a tight band around the waist. *sigh*

Oh, and it was crazy, but cool. They had a photographer who took our pic (and then charged us $10 to buy it, natch. You obviously don't have to buy a copy, but we did, but that's not my point...). Anyway, she quickly went in the back and messed around with photoshop and put my head on my mom's body and vice versa, and Larry's head on my Dad's body and vice versa. It was crazy! Larry didn't recognize any of us and thought they gave us the wrong table's photo at first hahaha. I stupidly left my real camera at home, but I tried to take a pic of the pic on my iPhone. It was too dark in there, but you can kiiinda tell.

Yeah, I should never cut my hair. LOL. HAHAHA @ how they gave my Mom my dark hair, but kept her light bangs. Oops.

So food-wise we went with the Roman Orgy after all. I was glad, so I could mostly eat fruit and vegetables, as my stomach still sucks. And I still have a stomachache and a headache *pout* The waiter never brought me my water, so I felt pretty dehydrated too. For my second punch I kind of wanted the non-alcoholic version, but when the waiter asked if I wanted another I said sure and he was gone before I could say anything else.

And as I suspected, besides the salad + drink, the food was pretty sub par. We had to wait almost an hour and a half for a table too. *shakes head* I guess you go more for the atmosphere than the food. Our waiter was Joe Dirt btw, kinda random lol. He was really nice, but my first drink was empty for like 20 min before he noticed. OK, I'll stop complaining now.

One thing that is funny is when people ask where the bathroom is they do a "potty patrol" and a waiter or waitress takes the person (or persons) around the restaurant and they go "gotta go.." and they make the patrons yell "wee! wee!" over & over and they take them on a maze throughout the whole restaurant to embarrass them (in good fun). Then, when you come out of the bathroom they ask what color the soap was to ensure you washed your hands lol.

OK, last complaint and then I'll go. Promise. One thing that made me feel like a fatty was when we were making our salads, they always joke around, and another waitress (Tinker Bell, I think) was like "here's the salad are the directions...take a plate. fill with food. If you have any questions ask that girl, she's been here like 12 times." & I happened to be the one right next to her, so she pointed at me. Again, I know they do that to everyone who they can, they did it to Larry, our friend/business partner too when a different crowd was taken to the salad bar, but it still made me feel huge, even though you only get 1 trip to the salad bar anyway LOL. I know, I'm weird. Who cared if it was my 12th time? LOL. But whateverrrrrr. Maybe it was the fact that I piled up the cheese crackers to ridiculous portions and I was already feeling like that was a bad idea hehe. However, I ate every last bite and they were delicious. So there!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Makeover.

Not sure how long I'll keep this background. It's pretty, but feels a little crowded. Is it just me? I think it's the bows? And I know the header isn't perfect and is uber basic,'s personalized. It feels cozy. I'm only renting, not committing to own quite yet, but I think it's starting to feel a bit more like home. Now if only I had more readers lol. Oh well. I started this for me, so I'm not complaining. I value everyone who reads what I have to say and if this little blog grows-fabulous. If not, it's ok. It's here to help me and be here for me!

xo and goodnite,

Dinner & A Movie

January 29

-bowl of hemp oatmeal with 1/3 of a large banana mashed in, a little cashew butter, and a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk topped with chopped pecans & bits and pieces of the new batch of protein granola bars
-a small iced coffee made with skim milk (only drank about 2/3. Don't quite think my body was ready for that much caffeine and dairy yet).

My dumb ass stayed up 'til 6:30 am (omg), so I decided to forgo work (was only going to go in briefly anyway, but still) AND my massage to go back to sleep. I haven't had a massage in about 2 weeks. I usually get 2 a week, so you know I was tired. I'm kind of pissed I slept 'til nearly 3 again. I know I'm sick, but it's just getting embarassing. I can't seem to convince myself that there are only so many hours in a day. And it's not like I'm even getting anything productive done for the most part. I was just watching all my dvr'ed tv shows & then still wanted time to read my Sookie Stackhouse book. Both of which are perfectly fine pastimes, but seriously, I could have stopped at show 2 or 3, didn't have to watch every single one and THEN read. I have no priories, sorry-to-say. Maybe one day. Maybe. OK, probably not. What can I say? I'm a tv (and book...and internet...) girl!

I guess the plus side of that is I didn't go out to lunch, so I made a healthy brunch at home :-P.

-a few bites of caesar salad (including a whole anchovy, ahh. I've had, personally cooked with, and liked anchovy paste, but the actual anchovy is a little too strong for me. I'm not a salt person. But I have always wanted to try one, so yay for that)
-about 2 or 3 oz of filet mignon
-about 1/4 of a loaded baked potato (forgot to say just sour cream when ordering. I did take the bacon off, because bacon is gross, but I went ahead and left the cheese)
-a TON of water

pictures came out too dark

As you can see I've pretty much lost most of my appetite again. BUT, a month or so ago our favorite local steakhouse sent me a $25 off coupon, as they do from time to time for e-mail members, and today was the last day to use it. We were tired + sick, but couldn't pass that up! Their entrees are about $20-50ish, so it was like getting a free steak (we usually go for the $27-35ish ones, so basically a free meal). I felt kinda cheap for ordering the cheapest, smallest (but, imo, best!) steak, no alcohol, no appetizers, etc, but oh well. It still ended up being a $100 meal for three of us (3 meals, 1 soda, and 1 salad) when all was said and done with a 20% tip, so I guess it's still not exactly a bargain. But yeah, my stomach hurt, so I just ate enough to make my mouth satisfied without doing further damage to the tummy. Darn antibiotics. I think I'm going to have to skip tonite's dose. No way can I ate anything else and I'm too scared to chance taking one on an already hurting empty stomach.

We had reservations for the main dining room, but usually end up just eating in the bar for the piano music, half priced appetizers, and $2 off cocktails, but the bar was pretty full and we'd have had to sit on stools. I wouldn't have minded, but I was sort of dressed up and since we didn't go for apps or drinks anyway, it was nice to be in the fancier, quieter room. I definitely want to go back soon just for martinis and/or wine, crab cakes, and shrimp cocktail. Ooh and the crab & lobster dip. And maybe the homemade bleu cheese and brie chips. Drool. Can you tell I love that place? They also had a red snapper that sounded amazing, and it was only $22, but I always leave their disappointed if I don't go for the steak, so of course I did just that.

Anthropologie Cavorting Canines dress + Anthropologie Road Not Taken boots. & yes I know kissy faces are extra douchy, but I can't help it, they're my fave.

After dinner we went to see It's Complicated, which was really entertaining. Oh, and in between the restaurant and movie I picked up the second Sookie Stackhouse book. I only have half a chapter left in the first and couldn't bare to wait. So good. I know I jumped a little late on board the True Blood train, but as long as I made it who cares? :). LOVE. Except the Mary Anne storyline. That got old FAST. But otherwise, I'm obsessed. And I hear it's different (and shorter-yes!) in the book anyhow, so I'm excited to see. I ordered books 3 & 4 on Amazon, so hopefully they'll come before I finish 2. I did try to get them from my library, but there is a hold and I just can't wait. What's $10 or so dollars a book anyway? Reading is good. :). Part of me wishes I read the books first, out of curiosity for how I would have pictured all the characters. But then again the other part of me has a fun time re-picturing each episode with each chapter I read. Catch 22 I suppose.

-homemade hot chocolate topped with ricemellow cream, light whipped cream, and a tinnnnnny drizzle of agave

OK OK, so I did chance it with a little dessert, but it's really cold out and I wanted a fun way to warm up. Sue me! I made the hot choc with organic skim milk and one of the many ingredients was a little protein powder, but otherwise it was prob not very healthy. At first I was going to use diet hot chocolate packets and just have fun with the toppings, but then I figured why not go all out and added everything but the kitchen sink :). It was good! I think I'm likin' ricemellow cream. I'd never had it before. Very rice krispie treat-ish. I'm pleasantly surprised I didn't feel bad after drinking this *knock on wood*

OK, I spoke too soon :(. About 30 min later I got bad acid reflux. Whyyy me? It went away right before I thought I was gonna have to throw up. But it still hurt pretty badly. Ugh.

And just call me Miss Indecisive, but I think I'm going to transfer the other posts (or maybe not) and just make this blog a food and fashion one and not worry about keeping up with two. The more I think about it, the more unnecessary two blogs seems. *shrug*

&, I really want to jazz up and personalize this page. If only I had any ideas lol. I'm going to play around with things for a little bit. It'll be a work in progress, so if it looks crazy, trust me, I know. I'm working on it :).


Friday, January 29, 2010

(Super) Slowly But Surely

January 27

-leftover chicken chili with fritos

I made a breakfast cookie as I said, but it didn't turn out. *sad face* It was still kind of wet when I woke up. Isn't it supposed to be more....cookie like? It was cookie shaped, but that's about all. Fail.

-nonfat honey chobani yogurt with the amazing granola, strawberries, and organic blueberries

Favorite snack ever.

-side salad (tons of mixed greens, grape tomatoes, & my fave light ranch)
-brie/cream cheese quesadilla with about 1/3 of an organic granny smith apple made on a brown rice tortilla dipped in a strawberry jam/applesauce sauce (thanks Sandra Lee, haha)

-3 cinnamon lucy's gf cookies topped with raw coconut butter on one, cocoa coconut butter on one, and chocolate hazelnut spread on one and I topped all 3 with a tiny dollop of light whipped cream & cinnamon
-chocolate hazelnut tea with a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk & toffee flavored liquid stevia

love the mug. holiday Starbucks year round!

The cookies are great, but that tea still isn't my favorite. I always have such high expectations of it, but it's pretty weak tasting.

-another mini bowl of the chicken chili w/ too many fritos (I don't even like fritos THAT much, but I can't seem to be trusted around them)
-frozen grapes

no pics, it was too dark in the room.

Gave me a lil acid reflux, but not tooo terrible and didn't last very long. I don't know why I keep getting soo hungry after dinner if it's just gonna hurt me! Sheesh.

January 28

-fruit smoothie (strawberry/banana/peach with a little oj, flax, hulled hemp seed, and a tiny bit of agave mixed in at the end)
-2 of the peanut butter chocolate protein granola balls
-1 gluten free almond scone with chocolate coconut butter slathered on about 1/3 of it (can't believe I didn't try these scones sooner, they've been in my freezer a long while. Loved it!)

All was delish. Although I think I prefer smoothies without peach these days. It mellows it out a little too much. But the peaches were frozen, so I could use less ice + I wanted to save a couple strawberries (I'm running low) for my yogurt snack later on. It made the perfect amount. Usually I make enough for like, 3 smoothies, but this made enough for 1 glass + only a little extra. That breakfast (well, I had it around 3 lol) actually held me over for a good 6 and a half hours. Craziness. I did have a stomachache for awhile in the late afternoon, but I don't think it was related to anything I ate or drank. Probably more related to what the antibiotics are doing by wiping out the good bacteria. I need to eat more yogurt and/or take more probiotic capsules.

Today was the first day I sort of went back to the office. My brother had an appointment there, so I went along and stayed about an hour and a half. I helped get some billing done and made some more packets we were running low on, so I was a little productive. I was told I still sound horrible, but I really do think I'm starting to get better. I'm still exhausted all the time and coughing a lot, but otherwise things seem so-so, off and on. We did hire a new person to help us out more (well, she used to work for us, then we didn't need her anymore, but now she's back about 4 years later), so that's good. Pretty soon I'll have to focus almost entirely on the upcoming nonprofit we're about to start fundraising for, so it'll be good to have extra help. Well, not just good, but necessary. Good to be one step ahead of the game, though.

I had an appointment to get my hair glazed after, but it was flooding here, so I rescheduled. I was also supposed to have dinner with my aunt since I haven't seen her in a few weeks (maybe even since Christmas) + she lives pretty close to my hair salon, but again, the bad weather, so we're (Mom + I) hopefully seeing her Sunday. I want to go to Babe's, this amazing fried chicken place I've been craving. I don't even like fried food, but this place is to-die-for. And there is an amazing flavored popcorn store nearby. Yay fatty day. :).

Actually, kind of a fatty weekend. Yikes. Tomorrow I'm going out to lunch (not sure where yet) + for dinner I get to go to my fave local steakhouse (and then a movie. May have a drinkie there, it's the movie grill where they have a full restaurant and bar). Then, Saturday nite I have a business dinner, and as of now it's looking like my choice of Houston's is gonna be the winner. *fingers crossed* So yeah, I need to either make very calculated, careful choices or get my ass moving more (or both if possible...).

-bowl of mac & cheese (my Mom made it and can't remember if it was organic and gluten free or just organic. I'm guessing not gf)

Was still starved after, so an hour or so later...

-side salad (mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cashews, amazing light ranch, black pepper)
-a little pom juice mixed with lemon sparkling water

Love it.

And an hour or two after that...

-About 1/3 of a single serve container of fat free blueberry chobani greek yogurt with a few blueberries and a sprinkle of granola

my preeeecious
my other preeeeecious :)

My Mom only wanted part of a container of yogurt, so I ate the rest. Nom nom. I was nice and gave her the last 2 strawberries. I got hungry even after that, but didn't eat and I'm glad I didn't, 'cause even without eating I have a tummy ache. No fun.

I just ordered a body bugg (in pink!!) + a few workout dvds. And I added a few workout dvds to my netflix. Stoked! Especially about the Julianne Hough Cardio Dance one + the new Jillian Michaels Yoga! (pre-ordered. Doesn't release 'til March 2). Good stuff. Now I just need a new lululemon wardrobe ;).

I still need to go to the mall to exchange a Christmas present, so when I'm there I'm planning on trying a few things on at the store. I was gonna order online (love that they always offer free shipping), but a few of the things I wanted are on sale, which, while is a plus, also means no returns. I own a jacket from them, but I think that's all (well, and a water bottle, but that doesn't count lol), sooo I need to re-try on pants there to get a better idea of my size, since it's been awhile.

I'm getting pumped to workout again. It probably won't last long once I start doing it, but I'll try and think more positively. I think I'll also be able to start physical therapy back up again next week, so that's good. I did a few of the stretches yesterday 'cause my pain was coming back pretty strong. Slowly but surely I'll recover from these many sicknesses that plague me :-P.

Oh, and Sprinkles IS having gluten free red velvet cupcakes every day (and red velvet vegan ones too. wish they had vegan AND gluten free lol). Must try soon.

And finally, speaking of Christmas presents (well, I was awhile ago), I can't remember if I ever made a Christmas "Haul" post here. If not, I still need to. Not for bragging purposes, but just because I like to keep a record of what I get every year for fun/nostalgia!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Delicious Granola

January 26

-bowl of frozen protein oats (mashed banana, oats, and chocolate protein powder mixed & frozen)
-1/2 of an apple-pear
-2 mandarin orange cuties
-acai berry tea

Yep, I made Averie's protein oats for breakkie. I don't think I made them exactly right, as they looked (and probably tasted) a little different than hers. I wasn't completely blown away (due to my own faults, I am sure of it!), but I still liked them. How can you go wrong with those ingredients? I think I'm still on a high from the awesome peanut butter chocolate chip bars from yesterday, that it's going to take something realllly special to compete. Perhaps her raw chocolate chip cookie dough balls will be next? :)

-fat free oikos organic greek yogurt with honey, strawberries, and 18 rabbits granola (the granola is A-MAZING and coconut-y, even tho coconut isn't tecnically one of the primary ingredients & it's wheat free. SO delicious)
-acai berry tea with raw maca powder

I still think maca tastes (and smells) gross, but hopefully it'll give me a little boost of energy. I can actually take a gross taste a bit more than a bad smell when it comes to food/drinks, so I'm a little put off, but I'll troop through :). The powder was very expensive (I want to say $22+ for a small-ish bag), so I'll at least finish this one. I'm sure it'll take awhiiile though, since I only use about a teaspoon at a time. I need to use it more. Anyone else use Maca? What do you do with it? The first time I ever used it I wasn't expecting such a strong taste, despite what I read online. I put it in a smoothie and was so disgusted I threw the entire thing away. Bummer.

-biggish side salad with mixed greens, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, snap peas, the best all natural ranch ever, and black pepper

I realized after quickly browsing through my recent blog entries, that I've barely been eating any veggies lately and that had to change. Stat.

-3 artichoke/feta/lemon fritters

I was originally intending on having this with the salad, but I got too hungry, so I ate the salad while these heated up. I really only wanted 1, but didn't feel like making anything else to go along with them, so I just ate them all to make a meal out of it. Of course I got a stomachache. I need to start listening to myself.

-1 raw chocolate coconut ball
-1 cinnamon gluten free lucy's cookie

I didn't buy the cookie at Starbucks, but this was the brand I saw there last nite. I'm usually a warm, soft, gooey cookie kind of a girl, but for crunchy cookies, these are pretty good! I wouldn't know they were gluten free either, so that's cool. They didn't taste grainy like some other packaged gf cookies I've tried. Always a plus.

Once again had to find a snack to stuff my face with in order to take a late nite pill (thanks to my horrific sleep schedule), so I had:

-brown rice tortilla with a little melted cheese and organic sour cream
-2 of the amazing homemade granola bars I turned into balls (1 bar =approx. 2 balls)

I wasn't too hungry when I ate that, but oddly I was really hungry an hour later, so...

-about 3/4 of an apple-pear (woulda been a whole, but I accidentally dropped it on the floor right before washing and bruised it)
-1 mandarin orange cutie

Neither were very good. Boo. None of the cuties have tasted that good actually. Hate when that happens. Especially since I bought an entire box of them. But they got the job done.

Still sick, still perma-tired. Nothing else new to report there.

For breakfast tomorrow I tried another blog-inspired recipe: the breakfast cookie. Hope that turns out as fab as the rest. As if I have any doubts...would you bloggers lead me astray? I think not.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Sprinkles Goes Gluten Free?

January 25

I went to bed about 1 am last nite and didn't wake up 'til almost 2:30 pm. Whaaaat? I still feel sick too. This is ridiculous.

-1 gluten free flax waffle with pumpkin butter
-cut up organic gala apple with a little dollop of honey peanut butter for dipping
-small portion of my homemade granola bar (HOLY SH&# these are GOOD)
-heated slice of all natural nitrite free etc ham
-hibiscus tea

Thanks to Averie for the "granola" bar, it was really her recipe. Damn, girl! Incredible. There a few differences between hers and mine, but they're close enough. I got a little too excited and forgot to add the coconut, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. Also, I made these last at nite and was too tired to dig around my fridge for the maple syrup, so I subbed in agave. But I think the peanut butter I used was maple-flavored, works. Oh, and I added white chocolate chips in too (But I also used regular chocolate ones) and I used chocolate protein powder (all we had) instead of vanilla. But overall it was the same idea. I WILL make these again (and again and again). You can find the recipe in the middle of this post. You won't regret it.

I ate the breakfast one right out of the freezer and it was heaven. Then, I transferred the stash to the fridge. Then, as you'll soon see, I had a second bar a few hours later it was almost too gooey to hold up a solid shape. Still good, but I put the rest back in the freezer. Next time I'd either do exactly the same thing and just keep them frozen or perhaps add a little more bulk (oats, nuts, seeds, etc.) for a firmer texture if I was planning to eat one on the run and need to carry it around with me. But the taste is still phenom.

Umm, so I guess 13+ hours of sleep wasn't enough. I am still EXHAUSTED. Sickness, go away. Now plz. Partially because I REALLY want to start working out again. All you bloggies have been working out like CRAZY lately and I want in on that!

-another homemade granola bar (addicted...)

-chicken chili w/ a dollop of organic sour cream & a handful of fritos (1.5 bowls)
-venti vanilla rooibos tea

I should have stopped at the one bowl. TOO. FULL. I've been saying that way too often lately. I was still hungry after, but I should have just kept drinking my tea and waited 5-10 more min to be sure. Blah. I got the recipe from today's Rachael Ray show. It was OK. It was one of her viewer's recipes and it was really easy. My dad had a small bowl to taste (he'd already eaten dinner) and said it was good, but not great. He suggested I add a little chili seasoning, so I did and he was right...a lot better. More sodium unfortunately, but a less bland taste. My Mom LOVED it and she wasn't even going to eat any initially. She had two bowls and she generally eats even smaller portions than I do.

I didn't think I could eat again, but it was way too early to take my second pill (8pm...took the first around 2:45pm), so my Dad suggested I cut it in half and take half around 8:45 and half around 11, so that's what I decided to do.

When I went to get my tea, I only took a couple dollars in with me to Starbucks. Bad move. They had a bunch of new snacks, including an almond and cashew Kind bar that looked amazing (you know me and cashews), some yummy looking dried/dehydrated fruit, and gluten free cookies! Among a few other things. Looked worth a try. Hopefully all of the Starbucks have a stash of them, so I can partake in a few soon :).

Since I had to make another snack to take the second half of my pill with, I had...

-small mug of gluten free frosted flakes with a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-1/2 of a large apple-pear, 4 cut up strawberries, & 2 segmented mandarin orange cuties

I still like plain, sweetened almond milk the best, but the unsweetened vanilla is growing on me a little.

Earlier, I prepped another Averie recipe for tomorrow's breakfast. Stay tuned to see what it is and how it turned out. Except, once again I got overexcited and forgot the cinnamon. I have to stop doing that-I love cinnamon! And it's great for stabilizing blood sugar.

While typing this I just watched the second episode of Life Unexpected, that new CW show. I love it so far. Am I the only one watching? I hope not!

& On a final note, I read that Sprinkles has both vegan and gluten free cupcakes now (red velvet to start). I hope they're here to stay, that'd be amazing. I don't know if they're just testing them or if they're an every day thing or what, but I need to find out asap! I don't understand why they aren't advertising it via their website, but they mentioned it on their twitter/facebook for today at least. Anyone know any further info?