Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ten Days 'Til Christmas

December 15


I'm such a kid about the holidays.

-chocolate banana gluten free granola bar (from my emergency purse stash, of course. I was FAMISHED when I woke up and didn't have time to make breaky)

-white meat chicken-no skin (4 oz)
-baked beans
-mashed potatoes w/ a lil gravy
-iced tea (unsweetened)

didn't eat the roll this time

Had a little bit of acid reflux again, blah. Maybe from too much tea? I got a HUGE one, I didn't know the large was THAT big, but I only drank about 1/3 anyway...

Kinda funny though. Grandy's, where we got lunch, is right by our office. My Mom and I picked it up thru the drive-thru. On our way out we noticed my Dad's car there and went inside and I just sat down at the table with him and I think startled him a little, LOL. I was hoping he wouldn't notice I was there for a sec tho haha, he was deep in work and not really paying attention, so it coulda happened lol

-cheeto puffs (I know, I know, but they are gluten free at least LOL)

Years ago those used to be the ONE food I could never control myself around. I used to buy the jumbo sized bag once a year and eat almost all of it in one sitting and get soooo sick I never wanted them again....until the following year. Rinse and repeat. LOL. I only ate about one serving this time and even then felt a little queasy. The first handful is still good tho :-P.

-small gelato (eggnog, pecan pie, apple cider. I looooove anything eggnog around this time of year, especially ice cream)

-small, open-faced (on gluten free multigrain bread) extra lean turkey burger with a little goat cheese, spinach, & pesto with a liiittle truffle infused olive oil drizzled on top
-biggish side salad w/ spinach, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, roasted potatoes, tofu, and a tiny bit of tuna and topped with cottage cheese and a super small drizzle of this apple cider/oil/garlic vinaigrette

Feeling acidy again :(. I took a digestive enzyme and it seemed to help asap, hopefully it won't get bad again.

I was just planning on the salad, but my Dad made a bunch of turkey burgers w/ ground turkey breast that was going to go bad and I couldn't help but eat the littlest burger. It was sooo good with the pesto!

For groceries this week I mostly bought vegetables. Spent way less too, including buying some presents for a gift exchange. Love that.


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