Monday, December 28, 2009

So Tired

December 25

Christmas was great as always. Will have to post more about it later. I'm going out of town tomorrow (December 28) and I'm too tired to make a long update. But Santa was good to me.

-a ferrero rocher chocolate
-a couple handfuls of crunch & munch (my Dad buys the weirdest stocking stuffers lol)

-gluten free blueberry muffin (big)
-slice of gluten free ham & cheese quiche with sour cream
-chocolate truffle coffee with a couple splashes of low fat eggnog

-a small piece of tenderloin with reallllly tasty mushrooms
-half of a baked potato with sour cream
-spinach artichoke dip with a few chips
-caesar salad (I made)
-bites of pie/cheesecake (I made the cheesecakes--pumpkin with a gluten free gingerbread crust and chocolate with a gluten free chocolate chip cookie crust)
-2.5-3 glasses of wine

trying to show my shirt lol

I was supposed to cook dinner, spent a lot of time and money buying everything, but we went to my aunt's at the last second and had her meal. It was good, but kind of frustrating that I didn't get to make my dinner. We had fun at least. Kinda disappointed Kendyll and Nicole had already left, but I got to see my cousin Blake, who I used to see all the time (he lived with us for a few years, then when he moved out we'd see him once again), but it had been awhile. Since Thanksgiving, probably.

December 26

-2 small pieces of bread with olive oil and balsamic
-half order of tuscan mussels

-shrimp cocktail

-a couple sips of red wine
-small piece of tenderloin with a red wine mushroom sauce and a little blue cheese
-green bean casserole with caramelized onion
-sour cream and onion mashed potatoes
-a gluten free cheddar biscuit
-bites of leftover cheesecake

super expensive, but super tasty

I made the Christmas meal and it was super super good, everyone was impressed, but everyone was tired or sick, so nobody ate together. Lame. I made it all from scratch except the biscuits. Well, and the green bean casserole was mostly canned lol, but so trashily good.

December 28

-coffee with low fat eggnog
-half (the extra small half) of a gluten free sesame bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon

-a few bites of a veggie and cheese omelet (I asked for no cheese, but whatever) with salsa and sour cream
-a few bites of fruit
-1 or 2 bites of grits
-about 3/4 of a small cup of spicy pumpkin soup (good!)

-hot chocolate

-glass of red wine
-a small turkey/brie/avocado sandwich on french baugette
-about 1/4 of my dad's club sandwich
-a small side salad of mixed greens and raspberry vinaigrette
-a lil dish of hot olives (never had heated olives before...pretty good)

I convinced my Dad to stop by a wine bar on our way home and they had house wine, beer, sandwiches, and pizza all for 50% off! Our bill was only $15 for a beer, wine, and 2 sandwiches that came w/ salads and olives. Crazy!

-3 vosges chocolate truffles
-part of a harry & david pear
-lots of water

My Dad and I went to Grapevine today to spend the day exploring. It was fun and we also went to the Ice show @ the Gaylord hotel. I have over 150 pics I took, but again, too tired now. *reminds self for later*

Off to Atlanta tomorrow (yes, again) for New Years!


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