Thursday, December 17, 2009

Single Digits 'Til Christmassss! :)

December 16

-hemp oatmeal with maple almond butter, a splash of almond milk, raisins, and a couple spoonfuls of coffee yogurt (the oatmeal has barley flakes, so a little gluten. Also, it woulda been better sans the yogurt, a lil too tangy)

-bowl of mashed turnips with earth balance vegan butter, pink salt, and black pepper
-jasmine green tea with a little honey

-2 slices of homemade pizza on a gluten free crust (tomato sauce, a little 2% cheddar, a little goat cheese, spinach, portobello mushroom, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, steak, and pine nuts drizzled with truffle infused olive oil)
-side salad (spinach, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, a little goat cheese, cucumber, light ranch, black pepper)
-glass of pinot noir
-3 pieces of dark chocolate with marzipan filling

-pint of water

-half of a plain frozen yogurt with fruit (and 2 or so tiny cheesecake bites)

I wasn't going to eat again, but I was hungry and planned on being up another hour or two at least to wrap gifts, so I had to at least dig into part of it!

OH OH and my Dad's patient sends us a box of Harry & David pears every year that we all look forward to. He hadn't been seeing my Dad as consistently, so we weren't sure if he was still going to send them, but they came today. I literally saw the box and was jumping up and down. I bet my neighbors think I'm a real winner. :) Best pears ever!

-another pint of water

I was too lethargic to exercise (excuses, I know), but I did clean out my closet (including trying on 849494 things to give away) and now I'm going to wrap pressies, both of which take a lot out of a girl!

Good eats today and mostly all good for me. My fave kinda days, yet they've been too few and far between lately.


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