Tuesday, December 15, 2009


December 9

-about 3/4 of a grande nonfat gingerbread latte

first one of the season. Deeeeelish.

Then it was off to babysit Kendyll!

she's so silly

And their dog is SO obsessed with me. Dogs can always tell a dog person :)

up in my face lol
wouldn't let me rest alone on the couch LOL

I packed lunch. I wasn't sure if it'd be enough, but I packed wayyyyy more than necessary. I got full SO FAST.

-turkey sandwich with spinach feta spread w/ spring mix (GROSS. My Mom loved. Hmmm)
-half of a juice box
-3 cookies

+ 1

I also packed us dips (hummus + red pepper raw macadamia) with veggie sticks, a banana (for mom), yogurt (me), and possibly one more thing? Maybe not. Regardless, the sandwich & cookies sufficed. O'course I saved room for cookies, but not celery, right? Oops.

-about 3/4 of a small prickly pear frozen margarita
-water with lemon
-chips and salsa
-flautas dipped in queso and sour cream with a lil spanish rice and a bite or two of black beans
-a few bites of shrimp cocktail but it was way too ketchupy

I don't know why I am so obsessed w/ fried mexican food drenched in queso lately. :-\

-a few bites of sugar cookies I made (meh, forgot a couple ingredients, doh. just okay)
-2 big glasses of water

In between was a roadtrip to see my brother's girlfriend for the weekend. It was, in short, a disaster. I worked my ass off, but it couldn't even put a dent in the fried, sugary mess I put myself through. Fried Chicken, fried shrimp, fried fish, fried catfish, french fries, fudge, fudgesicles, root beer, sweet tea, you get the idea. NO BUENO. Time to get back on track. I semi-failed today, but it could have been worse? Not an excuse though, I WILL be better. I have to.

December 14

-about 3/4 of a gluten free frozen lasagna (not bad. not great, but I'd buy again)
-handful of trader joes chocolate (dark choco macadamia nuts and dark chocolate chipotle hazelnuts)
-lil bit of pom blueberry juice with sparkling water


-100 calorie pack of cocoa almonds

-rest of the lasagna
-a few bites of fudge and coconut praline
-another glass of the sparkling juice

-2 pieces of sweet and spicy beef jerky
-frozen peas with a spritz of butter spray

-moo goo gai pan with extra veggies (no rice)
-a couple bites of my mom's spicy cashew chicken
-one chicken wing with the breading taken off (still horrible, I know...)
-another sparkling juice
-another 2 or 3 bites of fudge

too hungry to go upstairs to get my camera, wolfed that meal down, oops. was craaaving it.

-1.5 small gluten free oatmeal cookies
-cup of herba tussin tea with slippery elm bark and a drizzle of honey

Yeah, I need to start planning my meals and not let myself be left to my own devices anymore. Toooooo much sugar. Nom. I'll be happy when that fudge is gone, but nobody else seems to want to it eat. No fair! Not that I don't have 384949595 treats lying around too *shifts eyes*

I also haven't been gluten free in almost a week and I feel HORRIBLE. Once again, I don't know for sure if it's the gluten or just the overload of fried food, which I rarely eat, but ate EVERY. DAY. over the weekend. Roadtrips and small town trips will do that to you, but I'm not blameless. At all. I had the opportunity at every single place except one to make a better decision than I did, but I concsciously chose to overindulge. My scale says I'm up 5lbs, despite working out for 1-2.5 hours daily at the hotel fitness center. I have to be weighed at my doctors on Monday (I was going to go this week, but was too ashamed and wanted more time to remedy the situation, LOL). I had acid reflux fairly bad on Sunday morning that woke me up twice. Ugh. I had it a tiny bit today too. Neeeeed veggies and sleep and water. And NO GLUTEN. At least not until our (gluten fest) holiday office party on Friday. Yeahhh.

I'll just leave you with this, my CRAZY ASS DOG. I still can't figure out how in the hell he does this, but...

Normal Buster:

Batshit Crazy Soaking Wet For No Reason Buster:

Whenever we leave him locked up in a room, even one with no liquids, I have NO idea how he always ends up dripping wet??? One of these days I need to video tape it somehow. My brother says dogs can't sweat, but seriously, what else would it be? Insane....


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