Friday, December 25, 2009

Past Three Days from the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December 22

-part of a grilled chicken naked salad from qdoba
-tall nonfat gingerbread latte

-about half of a root beer
-a handful of fries
-part of a salad w/ fruit

Christmas w/ my cousin. I wasn't too hungry (we always bring food over from this diner-type place called Rock N Rogers), but the present exchange was fun! She really liked what we got her and Kendyll. Kendyll knew which presents were for her and she kept digging in the bags. Smart baby!

the hat was from us too


-italian chicken quesadilla (random fridge stuff. chicken lunch meat, cheddar, tomatoes, mushrooms, and pesto on a brown rice tortilla)

-like 3+ more cookies (oops?)

Yep, there I go again with the bites of real food + excess sugar. Arghhh. I should probably stop making cookies, huh? The first cookie (well 2 halves) was a gift tho! Then I made some cookies for my aunt and nom nomed on some of the extras. Only some of the cookies were gluten free too. Double oops. I'm a holiday fail whale.

December 23

Christmas Eve Eve--yay.

-tall nonfat gingerbread latte
-cashew larabar

My emergency purse stash was empty for some reason, so I had to make an emergency stop to get a snack. I was SO hungry! The larabar kept me full almost all day tho.

-tropical salad with fruit and salmon
-chips and salsa/black bean dip
-one glass of pinot grigio

Christmas w/ my aunt. The place we went has this AWESOME seafood soup I was so excited about, but they sort of changed the menu and only serve it Thurs-Sun now :(. The salad was still good tho.

-half of a piece of chocolate flan (prob the best flan ever. tastes like brownie batter. Last time I got it they were off their game, but they got their groove back :-P mmm)

December 24

I woke up early because we were supposed to go with my cousin to take her baby to see Santa, but she decided not to go. Since I was already up (barely. SO. TIRED.) my Dad said he was going to take my Mom's car to get the oil fixed and that while they did that we could walk across the street to eat breakfast. I decided why not, so we did that. It was SO COLD and started snowing <3333. onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">when the snow first started

Lots of errands today though. And Whole Foods was sold out of the gluten free cinnamon roll's I've been waiting MONTHS for, because I wanted us to have them on Christmas morning :(. After driving across town to go to a diff store and them still not having any (*pout pout*), I compromised and got some gluten free blueberry muffins, but it's not the saaaaaaaaame *whine*

-part of an egg white omelet with spinach and cream cheese
-part of an order of extra crispy breakfast potatoes w/ ketchup

-tall nonfat gingerbread latte

-the rest of the breakfast

-a bite of banana bread

-a shot glass sized amount of homemade coquito (a Puerto Rican egg nog like coconuty rum drink) made by our friend/coworker who gave us a big bottle worth. really good (and strong, hence the small amount)

-a few bites of chili w/ chips
-a few bites of queso w/ chips

-bites here and there of baking cookies, cheesecake batter, etc.

-2 fire roasted marshmallows



Merry Christmas Eve! We usually go out to a nice dinner for Xmas Eve, but we were all feeling tired and sickish and the weather was bad, so we just stayed in. Kinda disappointed, but much needed. And we have an awesome meal planned for tomorrow!

Now, just got to sleep and it will be magic day!


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