Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Blog, New Year

Hey lovies.

Instead of completely bombarding you all with my fashionista luvin', I just created a new blog. It will be heavily centered on Anthropologie, at least for now, but I'll also incorporate other brands along with makeup and beauty type stuff. Expect a link to the blog in about a week. I need a lil time at home to get it up and running first. I may also vlog a la YouTube in that realm too. Undecided on creating a new channel or converging with the current.


Just wanted to give a heads up. Any feedback is always welcome. And no worries, I won't be abandoning my foodie friends. This blog is here to stay too. Just doublin' up if that wasn't clear.

I'm currently having a great time on Atlanta, as to be expected. Can't really have a bad time with good company and all that.

Can't wait for tonite. Should be a fun NYE, which, let's face it...never happens for me, so fingers = majorly crossed.

I hope you all have an equally fabulous nite that continues into the new year, err decade (omg), and above all BE SAFE! (I know, I'm tired of hearing that too, but 'tis the season for psa's from all lol).


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