Friday, December 4, 2009

More Liquid Calories

December 3

I was pretty much a waste of space today. All week I haven't been able to sleep 'til 5 am for some reason and last nite was no exception. I slept in 'til nearly 1 (maybe closer to 12:30, not sure), which was no small feat considering we had people here to look at our washer and dryer (somehow both broke on the same day??) and my dogs barked their heads off incessantly. I made lunch for my mom and I and stayed in bed and read a lot. Then, out of nowhere, mid-chapter I randomly got this HUGE wave of tiredness and told my dog I thought I was going to have to join her in a nap and seconds later I was out. For hours! I'm not positive when I went back to sleep...I want to say 4, but it could have been later. I didn't wake back up 'til 7:15/7:30ish. Insane. I wonder why I needed so much sleep?? I wish I had worked out as soon as I woke up like I told myself I should have. I just figured there was plenty of time to get around to it. Isn't that how it always works?

But I know what you all are really here for, so without further ado...

-bowl of extra lean turkey chili with blue corn tortilla chips and a big dollop of sour cream
-about 12 oz grape juice (just made out of grapes-unpasteurized)

I still don't really understand why unpasteurized juice is potentially so harmful. We eat our fruit (and veggies) raw for the most part, why is raw juice so much worse? It comes from the same plant. I guess you could use the same argument that they use for ground beef being worse than a steak (i.e. you have to use many cows that get mixed up in the ground beef, so if one is infected an entire batch can be, but a steak comes from one cow...aka lots of fruit vs. one fruit), but it still seems overly paranoid. I suppose I wouldn't be saying that if I ever got sick from the juice though, huh? *knock on wood* It's so delicious though! And just makes me feel healthier, ironically. The grape juice actually tastes like....grapes. Novel idea, huh? It didn't taste too sugary or artificial or this and that, I actually could tell I was drinking fresh squeezed grapes. Good stuff.

-a few swedish fish (I wanted something chewy for some reason, gummy peaches were my first thought, but these were my second and I had these, so..yay)

-another bowl of chili
-apple cider
-pumpkin pie

yeah yeah, my piece started out small and I kept adding to it LOL

I was more in the mood for soup or something like that, but mostly for the warmth and, you guessed it, more liquids, so this worked good enough. Dammit now I'm craving Pho. But then again when aren't I?

-lemon sparkling water
-plain water x 2

Yep, only one instance of plain water today. I love water, what's my problem lately?

-pumpkin seeds

-acai herbal tea with 2 drops of liquid stevia

I took a couple nighttime sudafeds hoping to bring on some drowsiness, I really don't want to be up 'til 10 am this time. Wish me luck, so far...nothing. But the nite's still young (2:30 am). For me anyway. *sigh* It seems like reading excessively is what triggered the nap before, maybe it'll work again. I do want to finish my book....

Ooh Ooh Ooh and since it's after midnite and technically Friday--only 20 days 'til Christmas Eve! Hellz Yeah, bitches. :-P. I LOVE LOVE Christmas so much. I'm already done with all my shopping and getting really antsy lol. Happy Holidays! And all that annoying excitement I'm sure you're getting from everyone else too :).


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